And We Are Back: 2017 to be a Busy Year for Auckland

What lies ahead


Auckland Anniversary Weekend has been and gone and proved to be a fine Summer scorcher no matter where you were or what you were doing across the City. The conclusion of Anniversary Weekend also means Auckland is back to full power (minus the universities who start in March) and back to work with City building with Auckland continuing to boom.

There is plenty of small and large projects ahead this year (as well as a central election) to keep one busy over the course of this year. The list below is certainly not exhaustive but outlines a few. For a regular update if you want to have your say bookmark Shape Auckland where most consultations are run out of.


Some of the larger projects in Auckland this year:

  1. The Annual Plan (yearly budget) is due out for consultation soon. This is a crucial one as we are able to select which Rates rise option you prefer. Remember selecting either one of the three has consequences to the City. More on this when the consultation document is released.
  2. Auckland Plan refresh. The Auckland Plan is due for its first five-year review after going live in 2012. The three options available will be:
    1. Status quo
    2. Status quo with amendments
    3. Chuck it and redo it from scratch (my preferred option)
  3. The question of transport investment in the Greenfield areas of Auckland continues with: Delivering transport networks to support future urban growth. While Auckland Transport are not calling for submissions at the moment it is one to watch as this is where a significant amount of transport spend outside of the City Rail Link will end up.
  4. Local Board Plans. These are due to be redone as required every three years. If you want to have influence on how your local area will be shaped over the next three years I recommend getting involved with the Local Board when it starts drafting its plans later this year


Closer to home engagement on the Manurewa-Papakura Area Plan is making its way through and will go for formal engagement in April.

From Shape Auckland:

Status: Open

Closing date: 01/05/2017

Area: Auckland

Auckland Council is developing an Integrated Area Plan for the Great South Road corridor that will present a 30 year vision for the future of the area, and the three key centres.

The Manurewa, Takanini, Papakura Spatial Priority Area (SPA) is one of 10 SPAs committed to in Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan.

It will set out a 10 year action and implementation plan for targeted projects that will work towards that vision.

The Plans and Places team are still early on in the process, they have reviewed previous comments and have prepared some concept designs – you can view these below:

Summary of previous feedback (PDF 97KB)
Draft Concepts (PDF 3.9MB)
Integrated area plan map (PDF 1.2MB)

Give us your comments:

Online feedback form


The team will be at various local events over the summer to talk to communities more, before preparing a draft plan and engaging formally in April 2017 to seek further feedback.

The final plan will be presented to Councillors in July/August 2017.



December: Concept designs available for comment
January-February 2017: Summer events and awareness raising
February-March 2017: Prepare the draft plan
April 2017: Engagement period
May-July 2017: Analysing feedback, reporting back, finalising the Area Plan
August 2017: Adoption of final Area Plan


Keep an eye on Shape Auckland, as this page will be updated regularly.






The Framework Plan for Transform Manukau comes out soon and goes to the Planning Committee in March. Already larger developments are under way such as the 1,100 housing development at Pacific Gardens (construction due to start in May) with more housing developments starting to enter earthworks phasing this year. Public works should get started hopefully this year once the Framework Plan is live given the budget streams are already mapped out. Once that FP is out we will have a clearer idea where things are going.


In the meantime some photos:

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A busy year ahead