South Auckland and the Media – Part 2: An Interview

Brandon gives his thoughts in an interview to 95bFM


Last week Brandon Ulfsby gave permission to publish an extract of his essay about South Auckland and the media (see: South Auckland and the Media: A South Auckland Perspective).

It was picked up 95bFM and so Brandon gave his thoughts on the entire issue to the radio station.


You can listen to the interview below:

South Auckland and the media – Thursday, May 25, 2017

Talking Southern Auckland recently published a piece highlighting the bias, binary labels and language employed when covering issues pertaining to South Auckland – and the impact this has on the communities and individuals that inhabit it. Wire host Jogai Bhatt caught with the author of the piece, Te Waha Nui journalist Brandon Ulfsby, to learn a little more about the nuances of reporting on South Auckland in a mainstream media landscape.



Next time you hear a story on South Auckland think the lens the media outlet might be applying and see if you can pick up


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