Finally revealed: report shows rail destroys roading for Auckland freight

In The Spinoff today


Today I guest posted at The Spinoff on the curious case of the Third and Fourth Main rail business case. Below is an opening extract with the full post at The Spinoff


The business case for greater freight efficiency in South Auckland has finally been released, and it turns out that a new “Third Main” rail line is the best of 10 options. Guess what’s worst? Putting greater reliance on road freight. So why, asks Ben Ross, does the government still insist on favouri……

Source: Finally revealed: report shows rail destroys roading for Auckland freight



4 thoughts on “Finally revealed: report shows rail destroys roading for Auckland freight

  1. Concerned it has got to this, The real question is WHY does Tauranga ports ship nearly all its containers to the Metroport in AKL to then ship them by trucks south to Hamilton and Waikato etc etc???. This puts an increased load on the roading and rail infrastructure in AKL, you wouldnt have to increase the rail if this was not to happen… and the empty containers are picked up and taken BACK to Auckland to then be railed back to TGA CRAZY !!. When asked time and time again why the containers are not shipped by truck or train direct to hamilton. I am told its cheaper to send to Auckland ?? Apart from adding an extra week for delivery it is the extra load on roading and rail. It is apparent that we are happier to discuss the issues of expanding instead of looking at the main reasons , why? Bridges wont tell the ports what to do etc. As an importer and logistics company owner it drives me mad. Its not cheaper, someone is subsidising this….

    1. Would the new inland ports being built north and east of Hamilton (both are to have rail links) work? That said it would depend on the run patterns though but there is nothing stopping the Metro Port stopping briefly at the yards in Hamilton, decoupling the back wagons for Hamilton freight then continuing on to Auckland with it’s Auckland load (vice versa when going the other way). The decoupled wagons would then be shuttled to the Hamilton inland ports for transfer to trucks just as happens now at the Wiri facility?

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