Quick Wins and Transit: Giving Commuters Real Options in Avoiding Congestion

Helping Southern Auckland move


Yesterday I published to the Manukau Courier on using “quick wins” to help people be presented with more and more reliable options in getting around Southern Auckland.

An extract from the Manukau Courier:

Ross: Giving choice to commuters can be a quick-fix for congestion

One quick win would be bus lanes up and down the Great South Road between Papakura and Manukau.
One quick win would be bus lanes up and down the Great South Road between Papakura and Manukau. Source: Auckland Transport as in the Manukau Courier

OPINION: Southern Auckland is blessed with a new bus network, the Southern and Eastern rail Lines and AT-HOP fares allowing residents to get around most places within the South (or to the City Centre) reasonably enough.

A fully loaded 3-car train will move 375 people and take around 285 cars off the road (double for a 6-car set). A fully loaded bus moves around 72 passengers taking 50 cars off the road. A survey of 1096 residents commissioned in 2015 by Auckland Council indicated that ‘easy access to public transport (transit)’ was either important or very important to 82 per cent of respondents (the same for easy access to the motorway).

What does this show? People like choice available when taking trips – something we do not quite have nailed down in Auckland yet. So where am I going with these statistics?


Remember 82per cent of people surveyed said it was important to have easy access to transit (and to the motorway), so let’s present them with some real choices.

Those quick wins of: bus lanes, the Manukau Rail South Link, the battery powered trains to Pukekohe, and the Southern Airport Line open up better accessibility to transit connecting us to more places. This is what investing in transit is all about even if you do not take transit.

Another way to look at it is going from a two car household to a one car household and using transit in place of that second car ($5,000/year running a car and $2,520/year for HOP – Papakura – Britomart – Papakura) would save you $47.69/week (50 per cent of running the second car). I would call that a true tax cut.

Transit, it works and is worth investing in.


Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/95340152/ross-giving-choice-to-commuters-can-be-a-quickfix-for-congestion


The Greens have already announced their Transport policies for Auckland with the Northern Airport Line (Airport to the City Centre via Dominion Road) to be completed by 2021. Labour are due to announce theirs on Sunday with National following soon after.


As for quick wins? Quick wins are projects that can be done viably in the short-term – within five years.


Time to get Auckland moving!




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  1. Read your article in the Courier. This has also been exactly how I believe the Southern rail system needs to be implemented asap. Cost would be much less than any other proposals for the Auckland rail link, it would reach many more stations and stops, and would serve more than just the city centre. The need for the Wiri Manukau link is a no brainer.How do we get the AT, Govt and city councilors to see these very viable and easy options? Especially as there is substantial development underway in southern Auckland that will need these services sooner rather than later

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