Advanced Planning for Southern Auckland Gathers Steam! Prepare for Consultation!

Structure Plans for Southern Auckland inbound


On the back of recent announcements concerning housing, infrastructure and trains for Southern Auckland the Planning Committee of Auckland Council confirmed an accelerated planning process to bring the Future Urban Zone in the South online (converting to live urban zones).


From Auckland Council:

Council to push ahead with urban development and mass transit plans

 Proposals to develop structure plans for thousands of dwellings and jobs in Auckland’s northern and southern areas and prioritising spatial planning for mass transit has the go ahead from the council’s planning committee.

Southern structure planning for future urban zones in Paerata-Pukekohe and Drury-Opaheke future urban areas will be followed closely by structure plans for Warkworth North and Silverdale West-Dairy Flat business land.

Combined they are expected to deliver about 29,000 dwellings and 18,800 jobs over the next 10-20 years.

“Today’s decision allows the council to prioritise mass rapid transport spatial planning including the next stage in plans for light rail from the city centre to the airport.

“It also allows for housing and employment opportunities in existing urban and future growth areas. We are moving from the potential unleashed through the Auckland Unitary Plan to real homes for people to live in”, said Planning Committee chair, Councillor Chris Darby.

The Future Urban Land Supply Strategy, adopted last month, identifies Paerata and Silverdale West/Dairy Flat business area as being development ready between 2018-2022, Warkworth North and Drury West stage 1 in 2022, Pukekohe 2023-2027, Drury West stage 2 and Opaheke-Drury 2028-2032.

Structure planning is the first step in considering how and when Future Urban zoned land should be made available for urban development.

A key part of the preparation of a structure plan is working with the community and landowners on shaping these future neighbourhoods and business areas to ensure that they integrate well with the environment and the entire bulk infrastructure is provided in an efficient and affordable manner.

Early public and stakeholder feedback will be sought in September and October on options, opportunities and constraints for growth in southern areas prior to formal consultation on draft structure plans in 2018.

For northern structure plans, development pressure and community concern over growth directions will lead to a start on structure planning before the end of 2017, earlier than originally proposed, with completion anticipated in early 2019.

Once structure plans are finalised, the next step is to ensure that infrastructure funding is in place and plan changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan are prepared to change the current future urban zones to urban zones allowing development.

Auckland Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore said “Prioritising these structure plans shows good progress by Auckland Council so we can align infrastructure needs with development aspirations in the fast growing new urban areas.”




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