Labour Announces Transport: Airport Lines On the Way!

Airport Lines and Third Main on the Way


Today at 1pm in Wynyard Quarter Labour will be announcing what the call an Accelerated Transport package to help get Auckland going after nine years of the current Government fiddling around the edges.

Further commentary will be provided on Monday but here is what Labour is proposing:

  • Northern Airport Line (Airport to City Centre via Dominion Road) done in stages: first part from City Centre to Dominion Road in four years, then onto the Airport after that
  • Southern Airport Line (Bus Rapid Transit from Airport to Puhinui Station) immediately with it extension to Manukau and Botany not long after
  • North Western LIGHT RAIL as fast as possible
  • Third Main within the first decade
  • Pukekohe  Electrification within first decade
  • North Shore Line within the second decade
  • East West Link scaled back from current option to a $750m option – I am assuming this is Option B I have long talked about
  • Regional Fuel Tax if Auckland Council asks for it
  • Value Uplift Taxes to be allowed
  • Rail being eligible for the National Land Transport Fund like roads are to also occur


AT’s proposals for the Botany Line to the Airport
Source: Auckland Transport


First Decade: 2018-2028

Second Decade: 2028-2038

Third Decade: 2038-2048 (end of the Auckland Plan)


Option B
This Should Be the East West Connections


Definitely a more comprehensive transport package than National scrambled to get out on Friday (National Panics – Re-Releases Transport Announcements to Head off Labour. Still No Airport Line).


More commentary on the two respective packages on Monday.