Light rail won’t just run to the airport – it also unlocks (the Forgotten) West Auckland

Opening up the forgotten North West


Lost in last week’s debate about light rail to the airport was another proposal: a Northwest Light Rail line. Harriet Gale from Greater Auckland explains. Just over a week ago Jacinda Ardern announced Labour’s new Auckland transport policy. All the talk was about light rail to the airport, but th……

A Northwest Light Rail line will be transformative for this city, slashing travel times and therefore making it more desirable to live and do business in the northwest:

  • Kumeu to the central city is currently serviced by one bus every 30 minutes, with a travel time of one hour 30 minutes on a good day. A light rail service would run every five minutes and deliver passengers to town in just 38 minutes.
  • The trip from Westgate to the central city would drop from one hour 20 minutes on a good day to 28 minutes.


Source: Light rail won’t just run to the airport – it also unlocks West Auckland


Finally the North West will be in easy access to the City Centre as Manukau is with either South Auckland or the City Centre.

It is a shame it has taken so long to get this far with the North West Light Rail line but Labour and the Greens are committed to getting it done unlike National.


North West Light Rail
Source: The Spinoff