Airport Road Project a Disaster. Next Time Build the Rail Line



Well it was triumphed as getting traffic moving to the airport. Yesterday at 6am the Kirkbride/SH20A underpass was opened to traffic and at 6:15am it went all to crap:



This is this morning:

SH20A traffic measurement at 7am 30/8/2017


And of course from earlier this year:

The second truck can be seen on its side, and people can be seen out of their cars wheeling suitcases towards Auckland Airport. Photo: RNZ / Jeremy Brick


Essentially the underpass at Kirkbride Road gets you to the next jam one kilometre down the road while cutting off an access road for logistic trucks to the main road(Montgomerie Road is now closed from SH20A).


Maybe building that Airport Line in the first place might have saved a lot of this hassle….


North West Light Rail or even the Southern Airport Line
Source: The Spinoff