Interim Transport Levy Could Become Permanent. Joyce Vetoes Urban Cycle Fund



I am picking up across social medial that National Finance Minister Steven Joyce has vetoed the Urban Cycle Fund:



Clarification is being sought on what is a popular scheme that has support from both the Centre Left and National backers in Auckland. For Joyce to veto this while Labour and the Greens are committed to Skypath is not going to help Bill English win over Aucklanders as the polls tighten up to the point of neck and neck. Then again given the Urban Cycling Fund is not about big wide roads for cars and trucks it would not be surprising if Joyce did veto it….



Interim Transport Levy not so Interim?

I see from some political analysis that the Interim Levy crafted by then Councillor and now Deputy Bill Cashmore in 2015 is looking like it might become the Transport Levy when it was set to expire next year. That is given the constant short fall of funding on transport infrastructure Auckland Council could be forced to keep the Transport Levy (as it were) as part of the Rating mix until the funding gap is finally sorted.

Given the Interim Transport Levy has accelerated projects like the Manukau Bus Station and it seems the Urban Cycling Fund has been vetoed by Joyce the Levy remaining politically unpopular as it is might have to remain to get over projects over the line.

Onus falls to Labour and the Greens to address the funding shortfall if the Levy is to be removed…..


More on both stories as they occur.


Walk and cycleways
Layton City has Districts that “encourage” cycling as a preferred method over the car.