The Carbon Cost of Importing Vehicles Through Alternative Ports. A Report to Port of Auckland

Does it make sense


It seems Winston Peters of NZ First has created quite the flap about wanting to force Auckland’s port to move to Whangarei despite the economic and environment damage such a move would cause.


Bryce has laid down the mechanics of the Port saga very clearly and simply.


But there is more when you consider the carbon emissions side of the situation as seen below:

The carbon cost of importing vehicles through alternative ports


It also has to be remembered that even opening the North Auckland Line back up north of Swanson to handle the freight that in doing so you are bring freight through North, West and Central Auckland in order to access the industrial complexes in South Auckland where the bulk of Port of Auckland and even Port of Tauranga traffic ends up for wider distribution. The Western Line will have the western City Rail Link entrance and we already know freight trains do not mix with passengers trains as the Southern Line demonstrates.

If the industrial complexes are in the south then any port movement would be to the south taking advantage of the Third and Fourth Mains on the Southern Line.


So let’s think about this more logically please….


Comparisons of Three Port Sites