Silverdale/Dairy Flat hold promise of local jobs. Large Greenfield Development in the North Proposed

Employment Centre for the North proposed


This came out today from Auckland Council:

Silverdale/Dairy Flat hold promise of local jobs 

Up to 10,000 jobs could be created by 2041 on land in the proposed Silverdale West Dairy Flat Business Area.

The area has been brought forward for development to between 2018 and 2022 in the refreshed Future Urban Land Supply Strategy.

A background report identifying issues and opportunities will be available for community feedback between 11 December 2017 and 23 February, 2018. A draft structure plan will be prepared during 2018.

A structure plan is a high level plan which shows how an area of land can be urbanised, taking into account various land use constraints and opportunities.

With thousands of homes planned for the north over the next 10-20 years, the council believes local jobs are important and will help to ease pressure on the main transport network.

The land has been selected as it is close to the motorway interchange, provides large, relatively flat sites that can accommodate businesses not able to locate in centres, and is affected by aircraft noise from the North Shore Airport. It best suits light industry.

Prior to the super city amalgamation, Rodney District Council identified the area for business development and prepared a structure plan that did not progress due to transport constraints. The new draft structure plan will build on that work.

“Business development does not demand the same scale of infrastructure as housing so we can progress development more quickly,” said Planning Committee chair Chris Darby.

“Local jobs have to be a priority to meet rapid population growth and with housing development already started at Milldale, west of Millwater, we want land to be available for employment as soon as possible.  Silverdale West and Dairy Flat are prime areas for business development.”

For more information and a feedback form visit on 11 December, 2017 or attend a community drop in session at Dairy Flat Hall, 4 Postman Road on Saturday, 10 February, 10am to 12noon. Check for further sessions.






So the Council is planning to rezone a large area of Future Urban Zone to most likely the Light Industry zone allowing potential of up to 10,000 much need jobs to be created north of the Harbour Bridge.


For reference the Southern Future Urban Zones are designed for a potential of 35,000 new jobs with expansions of existing heavy industrial complexes also to happen as well. While the South hogs the heavy industry it is great to see large areas of light industry to be opened up in the northern areas of Auckland. Dairy Flat becoming an light industrial complex will definitely support the Albany node down the road (see: The Auckland Plan And THE NODES. Why Manukau, Albany and Westgate are Nodes and Takapuna is Not)




What is missing is the construction of the North Shore Line from Aotea Station to Orewa Beach (or the northern part of the Central Line on the Congestion Free Network map (really needs another name like the Trans-Auckland Line)) to give a full rapid transit network spin linking up the North within itself (and the Albany node), the City Centre and the wider transit networks going west, east and into Southern Auckland. Pressure on Transport Minister Phil Twyford to commit to the North Shore Line starting construction 2025 so that the new employment centre is not stuck in contending with an already congested Northern Motorway.


Congestion Free Network 2.0
Source: Greater Auckland


Oh one final thing:

The opening of light industrial land in the north relieves pressure on industrial land (most often heavy industry zoned) in the South.