Briefing to Transport, Housing and Urban Development Minister Laying Out The Built and Urban Environment

An opener to the main meal


Today the Government has released the Briefing to Incoming Ministers in which Ministries, departments and agencies brief a new Government or a change in Minister. Of those of most interest to me is transport, housing and urban development as well as Environment as that handles the Resource Management Act which in turn handles the Auckland Unitary Plan.


As an opener to the larger Briefing to Incoming Ministers below is the short two page BIM on Built and Urban Systems:

BIM Built and Urban System 1
Source: Which ever Ministries handle the subject material


BIM Built and Urban System 2
Source: Which ever Ministries handle the subject material

Built and Urban System_1



The full range of BIMs on Transport, Housing and Urban Development:


Housing and Urban Development

Housing and Urban Development – State & Social Housing_1




Delivering your housing programme_1


I will be covering these in more detail next week.


In the meantime happy reading


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