#SummerSeries 17/18 – 2018 Marks the Way Forward

Auckland Plan and Airport Lines mark the way forward for Auckland


As New Zealand slowly winds its way back to work (Auckland won’t be back to full power until Anniversary Weekend) we start looking at the year forward that is 2018.

I wrote a column for the Papakura Courier that was publish last week taking a look at one aspect of going forward.

The column (it has not gone onto the Stuff website yet):

Source: Papakura Courier


The e-edition of last week’s Papakura Courier: https://www.neighbourly.co.nz/e-edition/papakura-courier/26990


The Auckland Plan Refresh and the Long Term Plan come out for consultation next month. Talking Southern Auckland will be there as always at the front on commentary of issues pertaining to both plans and their consequences for you.


Hope your Summer is going well. Full transmission resumes Auckland Anniversary Weekend.




Working on where to place stuff in the Southern Auckland Future Urban Zone areas



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