UPDATED: (AT Chair Apologies to Minister) Draft RLTP From @AklTransport Signals Wholescale Cuts to Transit and Cycling While Wanting MOAR ROADS

Draft Regional Land Transport Plan right out from the 1960’s



From the Transport Minister


When your Twitter Direct Messages go off in very quick succession it signals something might be rather urgent.

It was


Greater Auckland were giving laying out the draft Auckland Transport Regional Land Transport Program (2018-2028) that dictates what transport OPEX and CAPEX (operating and investment) will be done.


I’ll let Greater Auckland do the talking:


Doesn’t read well does it for Auckland Transport?


This is the Draft RLTP heres: Approval of the Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2018-28



I don’t envy Comms right now but heck Auckland Transport have set a rather low mark to try to negotiate for future transport investment!



We talk Light Rail but Auckland Transport doesn’t match it with budget: