Manukau Bus Station First Pictures – Underwhelmed, Putney Way Already a Race Track Not a Pedestrian Friendly Street AT Say It Will Be

Where $49m went

I took a trip through the newly opened and operating Manukau Bus Station this afternoon.

Below are some initial photos. I will get bus reversing shots and shots from Manukau Station Road at the end of the month when I will give the system a go and catch 365 from Papakura to Manukau.



Yes that is all the bike parking (plus another four around the MIT side) you get after 62% of submissions wanted more and better bike parking facilities.

Manukau Consultation Report
Source: Auckland Transport


How would you rate the design and facilities


As for Putney Way – I don’t think the concept art will match reality that was meant to be a shared space:

Cars were already rat running down that under construction road at speed – and that is with the road not even fully open yet. So how it will be pedestrian friendly once it is complete I would like Auckland Transport to tell us.


More pictures at the end of the month.