Papakura August 2018 Local Board Agenda Transport Update: Park Paths, Transit Lanes and Bus Stations

Consultation to start for McLennan Park Paths and Great South Road Transit/Bus Lanes


The Papakura Local Board has its monthly business meeting tomorrow. As always you can see the full agenda HERE.

Looking at the Auckland Transport update there is two large items showing up in this month’s agenda, one being the McLennan Park Pathways and the other being the Great South Road Transit/Bus Lanes. Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (A2B) is also beginning to show up in the Southern Local Boards’ agendas as that piece of work (aka the Southern Airport Line) gets under way which when complete will allow those in Papakura to reach the Airport in 35mins bypassing Southern Motorway and State Highway 20B traffic.


Airport Access Study 2020
Source: Auckland Airport Access by Auckland Airport, NZTA and Auckland Transport


First the McLennan Park Pathways:

Papakura Local Board – 22 August 2018  

Auckland Transport Local Board Transport Capital Fund – Papakura Local Board

File No.: CP2018/13204

Te take mō te pūrongo / Purpose of the report

  1. To progress the allocation of the remaining Auckland Transport Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF).

Whakarāpopototanga matua / Executive summary

  1. Local boards can use the LBTCF to deliver transport infrastructure projects that are not part of Auckland Transport’s work programme.There is $646,606 in the Papakura Local Board’s LBTCF which needs to be allocated by end of the electoral term.
  2. This report recommends further allocation of the LBTCF to help to complete a larger range of pathway links within McLennan Park. The pathway links were recommended through the concept plan for McLennan Park developed by Auckland Council Community Facilities department.

Ngā tūtohunga / Recommendation/s

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      allocate $397,000 from the Auckland Transport Local Board Transport Capital Fund to construct sections of shared path noted as 1 & 2 of the McLennan Park Concept Plan for a 3m wide shared path linking the new roads to the north of the park to Artillery Drive.


Horopaki / Context

  1. The LBTCF is a capital budget provided to all local boards by Auckland Council and delivered by Auckland Transport. Local boards can use this fund to deliver transport infrastructure projects that they believe are important but are not part of Auckland Transport’s work programme. Projects must also:
  • be safe
  • not impede network efficiency
  • be in the road corridor (although projects running through parks can be considered if there is a transport outcome.

Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF)

  1. Through the Long-term Plan, local boards have had an increase in available funding for their Local Board Transport Capital Fund. This has effectively doubled, with the total funding available to all 21 local boards now $20.8m per annum.
  2. The allocation for the Papakura Local Board, has now increased with the updated figures for the remainder of his electoral term reflected in table 1 below.
  3. The Papakura Local Board’s transport capital fund to date is summarised below

Table 1: Papakura Local Board Transport Capital Fund Financial Summary
Total funds available in current political term $2,082,843
Amount committed to date on projects approved for design and/or construction $1,436,237
Remaining budget  (including additional funding) $646,606

  1. The table below reflects the status of projects to which the LBTCF has already been committed.

Table 2: Status update on current Local Board Transport Capital Fund projects


Project Description Current status Status change over last month Funds allocated
Central Park walkway & lighting Install pathway & lights from King Edward Road to Railway Street West through central park for commuters Currently under investigation for rough order of costs. None N/A
Relocation of pedestrian crossing on East Street, Papakura Investigate relocation of the East Street pedestrian crossing to improve pedestrian safety. Concept plan completed. Being considered for Safer Communities Project. None Nil
New raised pedestrian crossing for Wood Street, Papakura. Investigate the need for a pedestrian crossing on Wood Street to improve pedestrian safety. Concept plan completed. Being considered for Safer Communities Project. None Nil
Project 12; Papakura Greenways Plan – Elliot Street to Freelance Terrace. Develop a pedestrian and cycling link from the town centre and existing boardwalk to the new Pescara Way footbridge over SH1. Currently with Council’s Community Facilities/Parks for investigation and delivery. None $1.280,000
Covered Walkway Covered walkways on Railway St West. Completed. None $  156,237
      TOTAL $1,436,237

  1. There is currently $646,606 remaining in the Papakura LBTCF. This has to be spent by 30 June 2019.
  2. The local board requested Auckland Transport staff to investigate whether their LBTCF can fund sections of the pathway network proposed in the concept plan for McLennan Park. In particular, AT were asked to look at those sections, which could connect road to road, thereby meet the criteria for LBTCF projects.

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu / Analysis and advice

Potential project considered at June 2018 local board workshop

  1. The following project was considered for the LBTCF at a local board workshop held in June 2018:
  • Developing 2 x 3m wide shared pathways between new roads to the north of McLennan Park to the existing road – Artillery Drive to the south.

McLennan Park pathways

  1. McLennan Park has been an important and integral sports reserve in Papakura since 1947 when the McLennan family gifted the land to the City of Papakura.
  2. The reserve currently comprises two parcels of land totalling approximately 17.89 ha. The park has provision for three football fields and two cricket pitches. Whilst the football and cricket clubs share the fields, they both currently have separate club rooms and associated facilities.
  3. Development of a medium to high density residential development is ongoing to the north of the reserve. As part of the proposed development, a land swap along the reserve’s northern boundary was negotiated.
  4. This additional land provides space to accommodate new football fields and other facilities within the reserve.
  5. The ongoing design development of the reserve should be undertaken in conjunction with the detailed design of the adjacent development to ensure that the neighbouring residential areas and the reserve are better integrated in the final constructed outcome.
  6. In terms of linkages to wider walking and cycling network, McLennan Park also features in the Papakura Greenways – Local Path Plans approved in 2016, which specifies priority pathways that link the park to the surrounding areas both to the North and East.

Map 1: Shared Paths proposed to be funded through the Papakura LBTCF  Source: Auckland Council

  1. The local board has discussed the allocation of its local board capital fund for the development of the footpath network within McLennan Park with Auckland Council’s  Community Facilities department.
  2. It was noted in the recommendations from the McLennan Park concept plan that two of the proposed pathways were links between Auckland Transport controlled roads – new roads to the north of the park and Artillery road to the south.
  3. Staff were asked to investigate whether funding from their LBTCF could be used to fund the road to road links, shown in Map 1:Shared Paths proposed to be funded through the Papakura LBTCF (identified as Shared Pathway 1 & 2). Staff confirmed that the board could allocate LBTCF for the project.
  4. A combined workshop with AC and AT staff was held with the local board in July 2018 to propose a collaborative staged approach for the development of pathways within McLennan Park. The board directed that AT and AC confirm funding allocations and seek formal local board approval.
  5. Delivery of this project is subject to earthworks being undertaken by AC Community Facilities to contour the site. AC Community Facilities are currently working through the process of obtaining resource consent and funding to complete those works.

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe /
Local impacts and local board views

  1. Local board views were incorporated in investigation and development of the planning for the delivery of this project.
  2. Local board plan outcomes are one of the criteria against which potential projects are assessed against and this project was assessed positively against the plan.
  3. Local boards will continue to be engaged with LBTCF projects as they progress via Auckland Transport’s Local Board Monthly Update reports.
  4. Any engagement with, or impact on, local communities will be assessed on a project by project basis. Sub-regional and regional impact will also be assessed on a project by project basis.

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori / Māori impact statement

  1. Any engagement with, or impact on, Māori will be assessed on a project by project basis.

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea / Financial implications

Table 1: Papakura Local Board Transport Capital Fund Financial Summary
Total funds available in current political term $2,082,843
Amount committed to date on projects approved for design and/or construction $1,436,237
Remaining budget  (including additional funding) $646,606

  1. The financial implication of the board approving recommendations a) of this report is the allocation of $397,000 of the LBTCF. This leaves $249,000 remaining in the fund.

Ngā raru tūpono / Risks

  1. Auckland Transport will put risk management strategies in place on a project by project basis.
  2. This delivery of the two specified footpaths are subject to earthworks by AC Community Facilities for contouring of the site. Delays in earthworks may impact on the timeline for delivery of the two footpaths.

Ngā koringa ā-muri / Next steps

  1. Auckland Transport will progress the decisions made by the local board as a result of this report and provide updates via the monthly reporting process. If it becomes clear that there is a risk of underspend of the LBTCF within this electoral term, Auckland Transport will make further recommendations to the board at a future business meeting using the agreed criteria.

Ngā tāpirihanga / Attachments

There are no attachments for this report.

Ngā kaihaina / Signatories




As for the rest of the Transport update in the Papakura area:

Papakura Local Board 22 August 2018  

Auckland Transport August Report to the Papakura Local Board

File No.: CP2018/13201

Te take mō te pūrongo / Purpose of the report

  1. To update the Papakura Local Board on transport related matters in its area.

Whakarāpopototanga matua / Executive summary

  1. Auckland Transport has a number of projects in progress in the local area,including the Takanini Park and Ride, Takanini Platform Upgrades and lighting upgrades for Papakura Town Centre.
  2. Auckland Transport is investigating car parking issues in and around Papakura Town Centre, a walkway in Central Park for commuters from the train station, lighting upgrades for the car park and walkway between Great South Road and East Street and Papakura Station Access project.
  3. Other Auckland Transport activities impacting on the local board area, include the following regional initiatives are:
  • Airport to Botany Rapid Transit project
  • Gating project for train stations
  • Bus priority lane project.

Ngā tūtohunga / Recommendation/s

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      receive the Auckland Transport August 2018 update report.


Horopaki / Context

  1. This report addresses transport related matters in the local board area. A separate report on the agenda provides information and requests a decision on the Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF).
  2. AucklandTransport is responsible for all of Auckland’s transport services, excluding state highways. It reports on a monthly basis to local boards, as set out in the Local Board Engagement Plan. This monthly reporting supports the important engagement role local boards play within and on behalf of their local communities on transport matters.

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu / Analysis and advice

Responses to resolutions

Disability Parking quality and visibility

  1. At the request of the local board, Auckland Transport will include the quality and visibility of disability parking in the Papakura town centre business area as part of the upcoming parking survey and consultation as part of that review.

Bellfield Road/ Great South Road Signalisation

  1. The board’s request for Auckland Transport to support a public meeting regarding the planned traffic light at Bellfield Road and Great South Road has been referred to Auckland Council. The signalisation of the intersection is a requirement of the consent that was granted through the Special Housing Area legislation for the subdivision.
  2. As the lead agency in the granting of the consent, this has been referred to the Resource Consents Team Auckland Council to respond to.

Bus Lane/ T2-3 Great South Road, Takanini

  1. The local board’s feedback regarding the provision of T2/3 lanes on Great South Road as a priority has been noted and referred to the relevant project team within Auckland Transport for consideration.
  2. Councillor Newman has met with AT senior management staff to discuss the elected members’ concerns and preference for T2/3 facilities for Great South Road, Takanini rather than a bus-only lane.
  3. A date for the local board to present to the AT Board is still to be confirmed.

Quarterly report on Auckland Transport projects and activities

  1. Attached for the board’s information is a summary of Auckland Transport’s activities over the past quarter in the local board area as well as regionally. Attachment A isAuckland Transport activities in the Papakura Local Board area and regionally for the April – June 2018 quarter. Attachment B is Travelwise Schools activities in the Papakura Local Board area for the April – June 2018 quarter.

Local Board Advocacy

  1. This section provides a regular report about how Auckland Transport (AT) is supporting the Papakura Local Board’s Advocacy Initiatives as recorded in the Papakura Local Board Plan.  The board’s Advocacy Initiatives from the 2016-19 term are recorded in the table below.

Table 3 – Advocacy Initiative Status

Advocacy Initiative Key Initiative Status
Papakura’s cycleway and walkways provide safe, connected alternative routes to get us to where we need to go. Begin implementation of the Papakura Greenways Local Paths Plan and Cycleway Plan. Through the LBTCF, AT is currently supporting the delivery of Project 12 &13 of the Papakura Greenways Plan.
Establish safe, clear, walk and cycle links between key facilities. AT is currently in the process of delivering the Safer Communities project, which aims to improve walking links in Papakura focusing on the Papakura Train Station.


Improve, through AT, pathway safety including lighting and accessibility. AT is currently upgrading street-lighting within the Papakura Town Centre to improve safety.


Public transport is safe, convenient, reliable and affordable. Advocate to AT to improve park-and-ride facilities at the Papakura and Takanini railway stations. AT is currently investigating the redevelopment of an expanded bus interchange and park-and-ride at the Papakura Train station.


Other Auckland Transport news

Airport to Botany rapid transit

  1. A key part of AT’s public strategy is to provide an east-west Rapid Transit Network that links Auckland Airport with Botany via Manukau.  This project will involve New Zealand Transport Agency, Auckland Airport and AT working together over a number of years to plan and build a bus or light rail link between these points.
  2. At this early stage of planning there are not many details but there are likely to be many potential benefits for South Auckland. Faster and more reliable public transport between Papakura, Botany, Manukau and the Airport will make commuting east-west across Auckland to employment hubs at the Airport or East Tamaki easier and provide more options for air travelers.
  3. For the Papakura area, the project will improve connectivity by allowing better access from Papakura and Takanini to transport hubs in Puhinui and Manukau. At these hubs, travelers will be able to join the rail network for north-south journeys.
  4. The thick red line in Figure 1 shows the approximate route and how it will link with existing and planned Rapid Transit Networks.
Airport to Botany Rapid Transit
Source: Auckland Transport

  1. The project team has recently started discussing this plan with local boards and councillors and over time, the public will get opportunities to discuss the plan.

Takanini Train Station Platform upgrades

  1. An upgrade to the Takanini and Te Mahia train stations began on the 30 March 2018. The works to the Takanini station include a change to the profile of the platform to improve drainage and preparation for the new foundations, and new lighting and CCTV with subsequent works to install standard shelters, which will bring the station into alignment with other stations on the network.
  2. In Takanini, resurfacing of the platform is to be undertaken in early August where they will strip the existing surfacing and re-profile.
  3. Installation of the shelters is planned to start on the 1 September with completion now expected in January 2019.

Electronic Gating Project – Papakura train station

  1. AT is currently nearing the completion of a region-wide programme to install electronic ticket gates at selected stations on the rail network including Papakura station.
  2. This work was initially delayed but has now been resolved and work completed at the Papatoetoe Station in July 2018.
  3. The electronic gating at Papakura will follow Middlemore & Parnell and is expected to be operational by November 2018 – see table 4 below:

Table 4: July Schedule for AT Gating project

Station Enabling works commence Install ticket gates The ticket gating to be in use
Middlemore May  


Parnell July July July
Papatoetoe Underway May June
Papakura August September November

Papakura Park & Ride & Bus Interchange

  1. This project is to develop a multi-storey park-and-ride in Papakura alongside an expanded bus interchange adjoining the Papakura train station.
  2. This project is included in the Auckland RLTP (2018-2028), with $12 million allocated for the Park and Ride in years 2018-2020, and a further $6 million identified for the bus station interchange development which is currently unfunded.
  3. The Papakura Local Board, through its submissions to Governing Body and the AT board have advocated for this project to be prioritised to address the impact of growth in the local area as well as the station’s wider catchment area which extends into the rural areas south of Papakura.
  4. In May, this project was reported to the AT’s Capital Review Committee, who confirmed the proposed approach to move the Papakura park & ride and bus station extension projects to a single stage business case (SSBC). This will look at issues for all access modes to the Papakura Station.
  5. AT has procured the professional services of Aurecon to complete a SSBC for Papakura Rail Station Access. A final recommendation for a preferred capital work program option, which will allow AT to seek NZTA funding for final design/ construction, is expected by the end of December 2018.
  6. AT will also be working with Panuku regarding integrated development options for the wider site to get the best land use outcomes and provide a source of additional funding.
  7. A workshop with the local board was held in July to update the local board on the progress of this project.

Pararekau Road

  1. In early 2017, Pararekau Road in the Hingaia Peninsula was subject to development works by developers in the road corridor for installation of underground utilities. The work was originally delayed and impacted on a second set of works on Pararekau Road which was unable to be completed until the construction period in late 2017/ early 2018. This resulted in Pararekau Road being subject to traffic management for most of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.
  2. Those works resulted in damage to the road surface along Pararekau Road, which has been a concern to local residents.
  3. Work by the contractors was completed in April 2018, and they were required to reinstate the road to its original condition or better. This requirement was originally challenged by the contractors/ developers resulting in delays in reinstating the road.
  4. The developer/contractor was issued a non-compliance notice on 1 June 2018 and given until mid-July before further action would be taken.
  5. Since then, the contractors/ developers have requested a time extension to develop options for the reinstatement of the road, which will be reviewed by AT prior to approval.
  6. The road is currently being reviewed periodically over that time to monitor its condition.

Bus Priority Project – Great South Road, Takanini

  1. As part of improving Auckland’s public transport network system, a bus/T2/3 lane is proposed for Great South Road, Takanini to allow greater efficiency for the bus network.
  2. An update on this project was provided to the local board in a workshop in October 2017, where the local board was presented with a number of options.
  3. The local board were supportive of the installation of the bus priority lane/ transit lanes, subject to engagement with local business owners regarding the removal of on-street parking and further work regarding peak time usage and availability for general vehicles outside peak times.
  4. At that workshop, the local board also advocated for the development of an off-road shared path to replace to removal of the on-road cycle facility.
  5. AT has previously reported to the local board that a separate off-road shared path sits outside the scope of this project, though their views have been considered and referred to AT’s roads and cycling team for future consideration.
  6. Currently, the Bus Priority project is progressing and delivering several projects for bus route 33 along Great South Road. The proposal for the Takanini section is a proposed new bus or transit lanes on both sides of the road between Manuroa Road and Una Street.
  7. AT is currently in the process of updating the scheme design and are looking to consult on this project in August / September and construct in the first half of 2019.
  8. A workshop was held on the 25 July where the local board was briefed on the status of the project and were given the opportunity to provide feedback. The local board’s position was reflected in resolutions in July, which are responded to in paragraps 10-12 above.

Takanini Park & Ride

  1. The land adjacent to Takanini Station has for the past few years, been used as an informal park and ride. This land was owned by Land Information New Zealand and through last year, was in the process of being transferred to KiwiRail.
  2. AT has been working to develop Takanini into a formal park and ride, but could not confirm lease terms until the transfer of land between the Crown agencies had concluded.
  3. Earlier this year, AT was able to confirm that a lease could be established and subsequently, planning and design is underway to develop the land around the Takanini Station into a formal Park & Ride.
  4. Detail design was delayed and now programmed for completed with a contract going for tender this month followed by construction in early October. Works are expected to be completed before Christmas 2018.
  5. As part of the recent design work, inaccuracies in the mapping systems were identified and stormwater measures were reassessed to reduce risk of flooding to surrounding properties. AT are working with Healthy Waters to resolve this issue.

Safer Communities Project

  1. Papakura is one of three initial trial locations for the Safer Communities Project. The Safer Communities Project seeks to improve road safety in communities and promote active modes of transport by improving pedestrian infrastructure
  2. Community consultation was in October 2017 and has been used to develop a priority list of projects to improve the ‘walkability’ in and around the Papakura Town Centre. This included local board views via local board plans.
  3. Analysis of the community feedback was undertaken earlier this year and has included targeted engagement with the Papakura Commercial Group and Integrated Area Plan team for Manurewa, Takanini and Papakura, the Park & Ride project team and Auckland Council Parks.
  4. A workshop was held on the 13 June with the local board to present the current priorities for the project and seek local board input as to whether the priorities reflect local board views.
  5. Further engagement with the Papakura Commercial Group was also undertaken on the 11 July 2018. Following that meeting there was a request from elected members to form a focus group to provide feedback to the project to assist in prioritisation. Dates for meetings are in the process of being finalised.
  6. The result of this group was to be reported back to the local board prior to wider public engagement.
  7. After the next set of public consultation including a further workshop with the local board, a list of priority projects will be finalised and handed over for delivery to AT’s operational teams over the next 2 years.

Lighting upgrades for Papakura Town Centre

  1. AT is currently undertaking upgrading of street lighting in Papakura Town Centre, which is linked to the Safety Review for Papakura Town Centre commissioned by the local board.
  2. Lighting upgrades for Railway Street West, Wood Street and Ron Keats Drive have been completed.
  3. Further investigations into the lighting improvements into the walkway between Great South Road and East Street are currently being investigated with site visits completed and requests to the lighting team progressed.

Investigations into pedestrian safety measures

  1. At the request of the local board, AT is investigating the feasibility of installing pedestrian safety measures to allow pedestrians to cross the eastern side of the Settlement Road/Marne Road roundabout.
  2. AT is currently undertaking investigation and preliminary design for the roundabout and a report to the LB with recommendations is due in September 2018.

Parking Study for Papakura Town Centre

  1. At the request of the Papakura Local Board, Auckland Transport is undertaking a parking study to better understand existing parking behavior, including how much of the demand is driven by park-and-ride commuters.
  2. Accordingly, a comprehensive parking study is scheduled for Papakura Town Centre to be carried out between November 2018 to March 2019. Results from this study will be reported to the local board in April/May 2019 with recommendations to be implemented in the following financial year.
  3. As noted in the responses to resolution section, this study will include consideration of the local boards request to review the quality and visibility of disability parking in Papakura Town Centre.


Pathway through Central Park

  1. Through a request from the local board, AT and Auckland Council’s (AC) Community Facilities department are in the process of obtaining a ‘rough order of costs’ for the development of a pathway with associated lighting from Railway Street West through Central Park to King Edward Road in Papakura.

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe /
Local impacts and local board views

  1. The proposed decision of receiving the report has no local impacts.

Auckland Transport consultations

  1. There were 2 consultations undertaken in the Papakura area in the July 2018 period. The consultations were:
  • Peak Time Restrictions and Broken Yellow Lines, in Taka Street, Takanini
  • Development at 135-143 Pararekau Road.
  1. A summary can be found in attachment A, appended to this report.

Traffic Control Committee resolutions

  1. Traffic Control Committee (TCC) decisions within the local board area are reported on a monthly basis.  The decisions affecting the Papakura Local Board area in July are listed below in Table 4.

Table 5: TCC decision for Papakura in June 2018

Street name Type of Report Nature of Restriction Committee Decision
Station Road, Takanini School Road Permanent Traffic and Parking changes Combined No Stopping At All Times, No Stopping Between Certain Hours, P10 Parking, P15 Parking, P5 Parking, Bus Stop, Traffic Island, Pedestrian Crossing, School Crossing Point, School Patrols, Edge Line, Give-Way Control. Carried

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori / Māori impact statement

  1. The proposed decision of receiving the report has no impacts or opportunities for Māori.  Any engagement with Māori, or consideration of impacts and opportunities, will be carried out on an individual project basis.

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea / Financial implications

  1. The proposed decision of receiving the report has no financial implications

Ngā raru tūpono / Risks

  1. The proposed decision of receiving the report has no risks.  Auckland Transport has risk management strategies in place for the transport projects undertaken in the local board area.

Ngā koringa ā-muri / Next steps

  1. Auckland Transport will provide another update report to the Papakura Local Board next month.

Ngā tāpirihanga / Attachments

No. Title Page
A 20180822_PLB _AT August monthly update_Attachment A – Quarterly Report 27
B 20180822_PLB _AT August monthly update_Attachment B – Travel Wise 39
C 20180822_PLB _AT August monthly update_Attachment C-Consultation 41

Ngā kaihaina / Signatories




My personal preference for the Great South Road is to have a T3 Transit Lane that allows the Fonterra Tankers to use it as well separating them out from general traffic. The lane would operate 7am to 7pm – 7 days a week given the 33 Bus and the tankers use the road frequently all day while traffic has a nasty tendency to back up at any given time of the day as well.


That is all from the Papakura Local Board concerning transport for this month. Next one up next month!


Public transport RTN Proposal AP2050 final
Source: Auckland Council