One Last Look at a #CitiesSkylines City. Also Real Time Mod Updates and allows REALISTIC JOURNEYS – HERE COMES THE SOUTHERN MOTORWAY!

Sam Bur takes one last spin in his City and tells us What Makes a City


Sam Bur is another Youtuber along with Biffa who I watch for Cities Skylines takes and often some tips.


Of course the style between the two players is different (Sam uses Left Hand Drive while Biffa uses Right Hand Drive) so overlap is not that common. While Biffa has just started another City with the Real Time mod being used Sam has just concluded his and is about to start another. Sam also weaves aspects of Urban Geography and Planning in which is a reason why I watch his videos.


I’ll let Sam do the talking as he takes one last spin in his now former City which is available for download from Steam:

As for the latest Real Time update:

Update: 22 Aug @ 7:49am

1.15: Realistic journeys

  • When heading to work, shopping, or entertainment and waiting for public transport or taxi for too long, citizens will get angry and will cancel their trips; instead, they will go home again. They will wait for some time and try to reach their destination one more time.
  • When heading home and waiting for public transport or taxi for too long, citizens will get angry too, but will try to wait longer. If that doesn’t help, they will try another route (e.g. by car, or by foot).
  • When driving and stuck in a traffic jam for several hours, citizens will get angry again! They will cancel their journeys and try to find some entertainment nearby. If there’s nothing around, they will try to get home.
  • The Traffic Routes view now shows buildings in color: royal blue buildings are okay, dark blue buildings are somewhat problematic to reach due to traffic jams or overcrowded public transport, red buildings mean citizens have real troubles reaching those and cancel their journeys (work, shopping, entertainment) or try different routes (residential). Note: this information will not be saved and is always calculated dynamically. After loading a new game, you will see that all buildings are “okay”. However, if there are some citizens complaints, the buildings will quickly turn dark blue or even red again.
  • Made Real Time compatible with Ploppable RICO, Plop the Growables, Building Themes, Force Level Up. If any of those mods is active, Real Time will not apply its building construction and upgrading restrictions.
  • Slightly restructured the mod’s options.
  • Fixed an issue caused schools to open too late if the school begin hour was set to earlier than 5:30 a.m.
  • Updated Korean translation.



Oh that is going to make my Southern Motorway woes in real life be also on Cities Skylines – FUN TIMES AHEAD – NOT 😛