Presentation to Planning Committee on Auckland to Hamilton Integrated Spatial Planning – Lots of Cogs Moving

The timing reshuffle worked out fine – live stream wise


Regional Rail and population
Source: Greater Auckland


The Planning Committee went a bit side ways with the Public Input session taking over 90 minutes today (Standing Orders has it set down for 30 minutes) and the accompanying items (marinas) taking equally as long.

To make it more fun I got bumped down the speaking slots to just before lunch (so outside of the Public Input slots) and the actual item covering the Auckland to Hamilton corridor. No qualms this end as live-stream wise I virtually got my own slot which makes sharing much easier than normal.


The Presentation

I gave my presentation and took some questions around the consequences to Maori and whether light rail is more suitable than heavy rail to the Airport (the answer is yes). You can see the presentation below:


My Powerpoint can be seen here:

Planning Committee Presentation September 2018


And the Planning Committee paper HERE.


The big 37 page post I drew my presentation on which contains all the information on the Auckland to Hamilton corridor and was forwarded to Minister Twyford in February can be seen here: Urban Geography_ The Ultimate Expression in Inter Regional Spatial Planning, Developments and Behaviours – Talking Southern Auckland (version has been updated since).


With that and some lunch we got to the item delivered by the Officers:

The accompanying material:



Auckland to Hamilton Corridor PPT 1

Auckland to Hamilton Corridor PPT 2



It seems the Minister Twyford has been very busy steering this Inter-Regional Spatial Planning between Auckland and Hamilton and it seems it has quite taken a life of its own from when I presented the very matter to him in February.

I do urge Minister Twyford though to hold true to Point Seven of the Terms of Reference in that the Inter-Regional Spatial Planning (Auckland to Hamilton Corridor and its Spatial Plan) is peer-reviewed especially by Geographers who are in my opinion best equipped to peer review the matter given the width and depth the Geography field covers (Physical, Human, Environmental, GIS and Urban/Rural Geographies).


Consultation also recommended!


I will drill into the Terms of Reference deeper later in the week!