Starting a New City – #CitiesSkylines – A Coffee Break. A New Series Incorporating Mental Health Days!

Aussie Sam starts a new City – how is this done


After a very busy first half of the week with the Planning Committee, the Auckland to Hamilton Corridor, another Auckland Council planning balls up with a development (parking yet again stalling a development) and finally the Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (see: Presentation to Planning Committee on Auckland to Hamilton Integrated Spatial Planning – Lots of Cogs Moving) it is time for a coffee break – that is a mental health day.


Things get extremely busy in our lives and there are times where we need to stand back and power down doing activities we enjoy rather than require to do. These can be known as taking a Coffee Break or a Mental Health Day and for each individual it will be something different. For me it is gardening or Cities Skylines and today’s Coffee Break will be on Aussie Sam starting a new City.

The Coffee Break series will be irregular but occurring when one needs to just power down for the day and recharge the batteries.


Below are the first two episodes of starting a new (Russian themed) City:



As it was said in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: there is a Time for Everything!!!


Enjoy your Coffee Break (I know I will) and will see you on Monday (unless an urgent presser comes out from somewhere)!






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