Let’s Design a Downtown and A Port with #CitiesSkylines

Sam Burr takes us through the basics of building a downtown 

The Downtown or rather the core of the City Centre – which in itself is the core of a City (but not exclusively the only core a City might have either). The nexus of commercial and often civic and tourism activity but how do you design the perfect one?

Let fellow CitiesSkylines player Sam Burr take you though in how to build that perfect downtown!

First up the layout:

Source: Sam Burr

Next up the downtown itself:

Source: Sam Burr

Now that is swish

Also a port:

Source: Sam Burr

Ports is often one of my most neglected aspects of Cities Skylines as I often place the default game ports and rail/truck freight depots and leave it at that. It probably comes down to that I am a macro-level player rather than a micro-detailer that gets down to the nitty gritty. 

Caution: Some coarse language in this video 

(So which player am I?)

As for my downtown and City Centre? Well this is my current one in San Layton City:

The City Centre
San Layton City with transit routes enabled Cities Skylines

Happy gaming everyone!