Airport to Botany (A2B) Rapid Transit Update (Tenders Set and some drawings)

Tenders set with completion and operation of Stage 1, 2021

Auckland Transport has released the Tenders for construction for Puhinui Interchange as part of Airport to Botany (A2B) Rapid Transit.

The Tender documents are available at the Government GETs portal (it is 325MB in size) if you wish to view.

The route for the Manukau leg of A2B was out for consultation last year and a report back is due soon (see: Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (A2B) Including Manukau Route Selection Open For Consultation) and consultation for the stops is due out around March.

Puhinui Station Upgrade

What I do want to share is the Puhinui Station upgrade in anticipation for A2B both Stage 1 and Stage 2 or Ultimate.

Stage 1 (to be complete 2021):

Puhinui Station upgrade for A2B. Source: Auckland Transport

This is the initial upgrade with a box to cover the rail to bus interchange and the 36 bus (Manukau to Airport) off to the left hand side. This allows the 36 to operate every 10 minutes while the Southern and Eastern Line (rail) are also every 10 minutes in combination.

The light grey stuff is what coming for Stage 2 or ultimate but first:


The development of the interchange will be split into two phases to support the early deliverables of the Short-Term Airport Access Improvements Single Stage Business Case and the longer-term Airport to Botany Mass Rapid Transit SSBC.

This strategy relates specifically to the initial phase which will provide short term improvements allowing for an integrated connection between rail and bus services as part of a rapid transit network to Auckland Airport with associated bus priority and walking and cycling improvements in the surrounding local road network.

  • Early Deliverable (Stage 1) – New station building incorporating on grade bus drop off and pick up, public entrance and modifications to the existing central island train platform for 6 car train operations.
  • Ultimate Deliverable (Stage 2) – Dedicated rapid transit bridge incorporating bus rapid transit or light rail platforms at concourse

Source: A2B Puhinui Tender Documents

Stage 2/Ultimate

Stage 2/Ultimate for A2B at Puhinui Station

Puhinui Station is set for 9 cars, 3 or 4 platforms (so to incorporate inter-city rail) and four Mains while the bridge above the station is set for Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail (a final decision is to still be made with NZTA and the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board swaying towards LRT).

Please note: things are always subject to change until the ribbon is cut on opening day.