The Jewel in Auckland’s Crown: South Auckland Strikes It Out With International Stardom!

Fitting tribute to the people of the South

In 2013 I wrote: South Auckland – The Rising Jewel in Auckland’s Crown

It looked at the rising stars and raw talent South Auckland possessed but wider Auckland often misses in its tendency to beat down our largest and fastest growing sub-region. In 2015 I followed up with two more posts on the matter:

South Auckland – The CONTINUED Rising Jewel in Auckland’s Crown #BetterAuckland

Stars Shine Bright in Auckland’s Rising Jewel #BetterAuckland

Fast forward to 2019 and I get to see this across the Twitterverse:

The Tweet came off the back of this:

Source: Hugh Jackman bringing his stage show to New Zealand in September

Hugh Jackman performed with the AUT Choir students and alumni at AUT South – Manukau as part of a PR blitz on his upcoming show later in the year.

This campaign could have been done in the City Centre but for Jackman to come to the South and perform alongside superb rendition of Million Dreams followed by a heart stopping rendition of The Greatest Showman hit This Is Me with Māori Greatest Showman star Keala Settle showcased the raw talent, potential and firepower of The South.

Proud to be from The South

In 2013 I wrote how Auckland would witness the Rise of the South 2019: Cue Manurewa High School and AUT South/Manukau representing to/on the World Stage AND THAT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!