Looking at Housings Differently. Council Gets a Ruler Across the Knuckles for being Slow in Housing

Excellent presentation to Planning Committee

On Tuesday the Planning Committee were to make a decision on how to continue to advance housing in Auckland. While the Councillors selected a sub optimal option (see Minutes below and Planning Committee – March 2019. A Few Forests Cut Down for the Stack of Reports Due Back on Spatial Planning and #OurManukau) a very powerful presentation was made by the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network on how Council could do more to provide affordable housing.

The very fine presentation can be seen here:

Planning Committee Public Input.

The presentation can be seen towards the bottom of the Agenda.

As for what the Committee later decided when it came to picking Option 3 or 4:

Auckland Council’s position and role in affordable housing – affordable homes for all

A document was tabled noting the views of the Property Council. A copy has been placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.

Note:    clause b) was added with the agreement of the meeting.

Resolution number PLA/2019/17

MOVED by Cr P Hulse, seconded by Chairperson C Darby: 

That the Planning Committee:

  • a) agree that Auckland Council’s preferred position and role in affordable housing is Option 3 – intervene and lead including:
    • i) modelling inclusionary zoning, other planning mechanisms and incentives
    • ii) improving council processes for affordable housing outcomes
    • iii) concessions or grants for community housing providers
    • iv) partnerships with government, iwi, community housing providers and developers
    • v) retained affordability mechanisms and rental tenure security for renters
    • vi) the experience and needs of people in the intermediate housing market
  • b) request staff to investigate:
    • i) the Kāinga Strategic Action Plan
    • ii)  increasing current stock of housing for older people


Note:    Pursuant to Standing Order 1.8.6, the following councillors requested that their dissenting votes be recorded:

  • Cr G Sayers
  • Cr D Simpson against b) ii)
  • Cr S Stewart


A     5 March 2019, Planning Committee:  Item 9 – Auckland Council’s position and role in affordable housing – affordable homes for all, Property Council views 

Source: Planning Committee Minutes

Not sure why Council continues pursue Inclusionary Zoning when it has been constantly debunked by academia in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the good old fashioned state intervention approach of Public Authorities mucking in and actually building the homes themselves.

None-the-less the presentation was excellent and pretty much a compulsory view!