New Zealand’s Planning in One Short Tweet

Caution: Mild Language

While the Northern Hemisphere continues to immerse themselves with Urban Simulators (as the Simulators themselves become more complex reflecting the complexity of cities) it seems an Urban Simulator managed to sum up New Zealand planning in one short Tweet, well actually two:

Welcome to New Zealand – where we plan and build things rather half-done:

That story is about how the Auckland Harbour Bridge is at capacity yet in 1959 when it was being built we could have replicated what Sydney did and had a truly multi-modal bridge. But no and here we are today talking Skypath and rail tunnels 60 years late while Sydney has had this since dot! Note: I said talking, for New Zealand to do something go add another 20 years.

And now for Scooters and Queen Street:

Closing Queen Street can be done overnight and that would be problem solved. The footpaths for pedestrians and the road for the busses and scooters.

Problem solved? Nope, as we have our Mayor and Councillors engaging in a few years of Pontificating first because – New Zealand. Mayor Goff pontificating about lowering the City Centre speed limits to 30km/h being classic example.

And that folks is New Zealand planning in one – well TWO short tweets!

4 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Planning in One Short Tweet

  1. I have real concerns over the large trucks that thunder down urban roads. Roads not designed and built for these vehicles.. and dont appreciate Auckland Transport employees telling the Conifer Grove group that their houses are just OLD. We could have another ‘leaky home’ crisis because the damage these trucks do to homes over a period of time?
    No planning ..

  2. Agreed, Ben… it must often feel like screaming in space to transport planners/urban designers with a real vision to have their ideas fall into the “investigation phase” for 300 years of inaction.
    The business I work for leases Auckland Council heritage buildings and for the last 5-10 years, they have been deteriorating with leaky roofs, etc… every couple of months a new team come around with clipboards inspecting and taking photos and tutting, but nothing happens, until the next time a new team comes round… 🙂 NZ infrastructure in a nutshell.

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