2+1 Dynamic Lanes Coming to Redoubt Road – Manukau Soon

Making Optimum use of existing road space without need for expensive widening and induced traffic

Last month in my Airport to Botany Rapid Transit updates I did touch on that Auckland Transport were beginning to explore the use of 2+1 Dynamic Lanes for the nitorously gridlocked Redoubt Road in Manukau.

After the success of the Manukau Station Road Bus Lane last month Auckland Transport came out last week and said that Redoubt Road will be considered for 2+1 Dynamic Lanes.

From Stuff:

Auckland is Australasia’s most congested city – more ‘dynamic traffic lanes’ planned to help

Caroline Williams19:31, Mar 14 2019

The dynamic lane on Whangaparāoa Rd.
JAY BOREHAM. The dynamic lane on Whangaparāoa Rd. Source: Stuff

Auckland drivers now have an official valid reason for their traffic frustrations, as a new report reveals the city is the most congested in Australasia.

In an attempt to tackle its chaotic traffic, Auckland Transport is planning more “dynamic lanes”, which use LED road lights and electronic signs to enable an extra lane to be used during peak travel times.


There are currently three dynamic lanes in Auckland on Panmure Bridge, the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Whangaparāoa Rd in Stanmore Bay, and AT is on the look out for other locations.

Hannan could not elaborate which end of Redoubt Rd would have the dynamic lane as the details were still being finalised.

“We will be able to provide more information on this in the coming months.”


The 12-month trial for Whangaparāoa Rd’s dynamic lane ended in January, and Hannan confirmed the lane would remain a permanent feature, approval pending from the NZTA.


Source and full article: Auckland is Australasia’s most congested city – more ‘dynamic traffic lanes’ planned to help

This is how such 2+1 Dynamic Lanes would work:

I will ask Auckland Transport if when peak conditions apply if one of the lanes used could be a bus lane given the 35 Botany to Manukau bus, 325 and 366 all use the stretch of Redoubt Road that would receive the dynamic lanes. If we can get the busses to move freely in peak hour then more people are likely to use transit (thus freeing up road space in the first place).

Good to see from AT and looking forward to the 2+1 Dynamic Lanes being implemented. It just makes more sense to optimise the road space you already have rather than going through the expensive process of widening the road for 2 peak periods a day.

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