Southern Auckland (Drury to Pukekohe) Structural Planning Due for More Public Feedback

Next round in spatial planning

Round three of Structure Planning in the South will get underway this Friday.

From Auckland Council:

Drury and Pukekohe destined for major urban transformation

Your chance to have your say

Published: 1 April 2019S

Homes for up to 80,000 people are forecast in Auckland Council draft structure plans for Drury- Opāheke and Pukekohe–Paerata.

Together they represent the council’s biggest development programme outside of the established urban environment, driving new homes and jobs.

The draft structure plans – guiding the urbanisation of mainly greenfield areas of the south – will be available for public feedback from 5 April to 30 April 2019.

This will be the third time the council has engaged with the public and stakeholders over the best use of land for the future development of the south.

Spread over 30 years, integrated growth will feature a variety of housing types from stand-alone homes, to multi-level developments including apartments, new town centres where required, community facilities, improved transport networks, and jobs in business areas so people can live and work in the same locale.

“This is the opportunity to see how, with your help, plans for the two areas have been refined and to give feedback before a final plan is approved by the council later this year,” says Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore.

“Drury-Opāheke, in particular, will see major transformation adding new communities while in Pukekohe we’ll see increased residential development and transport improvements.”

He said the council had a real focus on enabling further employment opportunities in the Drury and Pukekohe areas through the creation of additional commercial and business zones.

Public engagement events are taking place at:

  • Drury Hall – 9 April, 2.30-8pm
  • Pukekohe Town Hall – 11 April, 2.30-8pm
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Library, Papakura – 17 April, 2-7pm
  • Pukekohe Library – 30 April, 2-7pm

From 5 April more information will be available on including feedback forms, maps and background documents.

Source: Our Auckland

Here we go again with feedback influencing how the South will be shaped over the next three decades. With Government committed to Airport to Botany (operational date 2020) and the Third Main hopefully those decisions will help influence land use between Drury and Pukekohe.

Auckland Metro Southern AKL FUZ

80,000 new residents is how many homes? If on the 2:1 ratio that is 40,000 new homes and if on the 3:1 ratio that is 26,666 new homes. Both are far less that the 55,000 new homes for 110-155,000 new residents the Auckland Plan set out. So why the scale back? Auckland constantly experiences high growth so needs all the capacity it can get. Scaling back is now giving us much future proofing for any surges we might face inside of three decades…

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