Record Consenting Levels In Housing Continue, More Staff Being brought in

Residential Boom continues

From the Office of the Mayor Phil Goff:

Consents hit record high in Auckland

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says Auckland Council is on a recruiting drive for consenting staff to keep pace with the record rate of building in Auckland.

In the year to February 2019, Auckland consents for new homes hit a record 13,847 up 25% for the same period in the previous year.

“Consents in Auckland are skyrocketing with an average of 1150 consents being issued every month,” says Phil Goff.

“Building new houses in Auckland is a priority as we deal with the pressures of population growth and housing unaffordability.

“Seven years ago we were issuing only about 3,600 consents a year and for years after that building numbers and infrastructure lagged massively behind Auckland’s growth in population.

“Auckland is in the middle of a building boom and Council wants to increase the speed at which it issues consents. However, we need more staff to ensure we can maintain this record pace of consents issued and help build more houses in Auckland.

“Council is recruiting more staff into its consenting team to manage the workload.  Already Council has welcomed 156 new consenting staff in the last year which has enabled us to process a record number of consents and deal with increasing complexity. The cost of this is met fully through consent charges not out of rates.

“Recruitment is a challenge in this booming market as Council competes with the private sector for skilled staff. This has meant Council has had difficulty filling vacancies. New online and IT systems are helping streamline the consenting process for smaller consents and larger developers.

“Housing in Auckland is still in catch-up mode. Much more remains to be done to get on top of our housing shortage which is one of the biggest challenges facing our city. However, these numbers show that real progress is being made,” Phil Goff says

Chair of Auckland Council’s Regulatory Committee, Linda Cooper, says, “Council has made a concerted effort to increase the speed at which it processes consents.

“Simple consents for building a deck or a carport are turned around more quickly thanks to an online process and a Qualified Partner service provides a streamlined application process for large developers who are working off standardised plans. 

“The significant increase in consents issued over the past year show that Council is making good progress and bringing on more staff will help ensure we can keep up the good work,” Linda Cooper says. 

February Residential Dwellings Consented. Source: Auckland Council
Annual New Residential Dwelling Consents. Source: Auckland Council

Indeed the Unitary did bring on that expected hike in residential building activity and it is showing with new builds all over Auckland (along with some rather large bust ups of construction companies and some residential builds falling over).

None-the-less quality over quantity needs to prevail otherwise even with all these new homes being built the quality of life will be pretty crude if the both transport and social infrastructure is inadequate.

I note more staff are being brought in for Consenting Planning as well to meet demand. Good to see.

2 thoughts on “Record Consenting Levels In Housing Continue, More Staff Being brought in

  1. Hi Ben.. Nice info but…

    Point 1 = It does NOT really address the issue of there being insufficient housing numbers being processed by the Council to meet demand.

    Point 2 – there needs to be around 17,000 – 19,000 dwellings consented to per annum now due to everybody not meeting the 15,000 houses per annum target .

    Point 3 = The Mayor promised that the Council the Minister 15,000 house would be consented to last year. At that meeting of those 2 Phils late last year, the Minister said that he had been promised the 15,000 houses / dwellings and the Council failed to deliver by 1,153 houses or 7.7%. Mayor Phil said that was “a pretty good effort.” Minister Phil disagreed. He also said that he was going to “transfer” the Council’s resource consent and building consent teams into the new Auckland Housing and Urban Development Authority under the proposed November 2019 Bill.

    Point 4 = I have heard that indirectly from both National and GREEN party people. And 1 person removed who was at the meeting. So it must be true ???

    Point 5- Despite the Unitary Plan up zonings etc, the ACTUAL uptake of zoning is only between 48% – 52% over the life of a unitary plan or district plan. So for 100,000 new houses to be built, you should actually zone for 200,000 new dwellings . You as an urban geographer already know that. And we have been in the same Unitary Plan hearings to try and get that message across too.

    Point 6 – Everybody needs to do better…

    Point 7 – It must be election year !!!???.

    Point 8 – for any Sim City game or similar or whatever you are playing, just refer to Christaller !!!

    1. Would you like to use those comments to produce a guest post at what ever length you deem needed to tell the story.
      I feel those comments need to be placed up there in a blog post as a counter to what came from the Goffice. If interested give me a buzz and Ill get the ball rolling for you 🙂

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