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Guest Post: Connecting Communities

How small projects deliver huge wins connecting communities

Guest Post by David Hopkins

Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to walk to shops, a cafe, train station or main road frequent bus service ? Or even to cycle, scoot or otherwise actively get to these services without having to be in a vehicle or interact with busy traffic?

How about if this walk/cycle/scoot could be on well made paths along a stream reserve? Or if this could also be route where people could walk cycle or scoot to a beach, again without needing a motor vehicle? Sounds great eh?

How about if New Zealand Transport Agency was coincidentally building a wide shared path close by the end of this stream reserve path which will lead all the way to the nearest metropolitan centre, Papakura?  

There is a large suburb in south Auckland on the Manukau Harbour called Wattle Downs where all this can be achieved readily with just the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Papakura stream.

The Papakura stream is a natural barrier between Wattle Downs in Manurewa on one side and Waiata Shores, Conifer Grove and Takanini on the other side.

Photos show progress in building the path alongside of the south bank of Papakura stream and the well established path on the north bank of the stream, not far from where the stream flows into the Manukau Harbour.

It’s a quiet area and flat for easy getting around. All it needs now is a pedestrian/cycle bridge over the stream to join up the two sides.

Locals have been asking for a bridge that would join up and make walking and cycling so much safer and more pleasant. The bridge could be somewhere near the end of Gairloch Place in Wattle Downs.

Until such a connecting bridge is made, the existing route for pedestrians and cyclists is go around roads through an industrial area with significant truck and vehicle movements and cross the stream on the busy, narrow, Great South Road Bridge. Not fun.Not safe.Not popular. Open up this new connection with a pedestrian bridge, give people opportunities to connect and watch it happen!

David Hopkins Bio: David is a keen participator in civic affairs and actively promotes the value of citizen involvement in democracy.He currently Chairs the Wattle Downs Residents and Ratepayers Association which focuses on inclusion and connection amongst the changing population of this South Auckland community.

Extra Commentary from Ben Ross – Admin to Talking Southern Auckland

Potential bridge sites:

Potential bridges for crossing Papakura Stream.

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  1. This will be great if this path connects all the way to Te Mahia train station.

    That means people from Wattle Down can cycle to train station within 15 minutes and commute to other parts of the city.

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