#OurManukau Regeneration Demonstrates Strength with $500m Construction Pipeline

Confidence in the South

There was an article over at Newsroom about Social Procurement delivering major social wins in South and West Auckland. You can see the article here: Social procurement: a match made in heaven?

Rather than the Neo-liberal method of going to the lowest priced Tender for a public sector project Social Procurement adds in requirements that the majority of the workforce has to be from the local area and full training and advancement opportunities are offered. This was seen when Auckland Transport had the Manukau Bus Station built, it is being done now with the MIT-Manukau campus extension and I believe Auckland Transport is doing it again with the Puhinui Station upgrade.

Social Procurement is a Southern Initiative initiative designed to empower those who live in the South and might not otherwise find work or training opportunities if the conventional methods of Tendering were used. Now has Social Procurement worked for South Auckland? I suppose we will find out soon enough with this next piece of news a massive reveal.

$500m construction pipeline?!

On LinkedIn yesterday I saw this post from the Project Director who is overseeing the Our Manukau urban regeneration program via Panuku Development Auckland:

Panuku is working closely with ATEED and The Southern Initiative to introduce social procurement into the property construction sector in Manukau. There is $500 million of work in the immediate pipeline in the Transform Manukau area and this will only grow.

Clive Fuhr. Project Development Director – Panuku

$500m in the immediate construction pipeline is nothing to sneeze at. Manukau has already seen two tower cranes recently as a hotel and an apartment block are nearing completion while the MIT expansion is well underway.

MIT Manukau Expansion. Source: MIT

With Airport to Botany Rapid Transit Stage 1 set for completion 2021 (allowing buses every 10 mins between the Airport, Puhinui Station and Manukau) the opportunities really do open up especially for some good Transit Orientated Development along the A2B route.

None-the-less the immediate construction pipeline demonstrates one thing: there is confidence in investing in South Auckland and its core Manukau. And with such investment comes employment and further opportunities.

Compared to 2011 when someone said Manukau should be dynamited Auckand’s biggest Metropolitan Centre is coming into its own. And I do thank those who have put their confidence into the South and Manukau – in the tune of that $500m construction pipeline. Your investment gives the South the confidence it so needs. Thank you!

Key Move 5. Part 6 Source: Panuku Development Auckland