What is Our Top Priority in Infrastructure? (And it is not being covered in the Building Nations Infrastructure Conference even though it is Infrastructure)

Not what you might think it is

The Building Nations conference is on again with everything about infrastructure (physical infrastructure mind you) being talked about by the movers and shakers in the infrastructure world.

Last year I was asked on what infrastructure projects need to get going in Auckland. This year I was asked: “What is Our Top Infrastructure Priority?”

So I sent in my reply answering that very question. It was published in the Infrastructure lift out of the NZ Herald today (Wednesday) both hard copy (E20) and digital (link further down).

My opening preamble:

Infrastructure and city building; we all talk about it and how New Zealand cities are constantly behind the eight ball (compared to say their Japanese cousins in infrastructure provision). And though councillor Chris Darby loudly declared that (greenfield) urban development should not occur until the infrastructure was in place I was asked: What do I think is our top infrastructure priority? You probably think I am going to say: water, sewerage, roads, rail or the so-called physical infrastructure. In this case not today. Our top infrastructure priority is…..

Where do we go from here?

And if you want to know what our top infrastructure priority is and is not even being covered in the Building Nations conference this weekend then click the link above or here: Where do we go from here?

Let me put it this way; without this form of infrastructure everyone seems to have missed our Economy can forget wellbeing and productivity.

What is our top infrastructure priority?

My thanks to the NZ Herald for allowing me to contribute to the Building Nations lift out today.