Urban Geography and City Building Using #CitiesSkylines

Also Forest Fire

Right after the forest fire that the City puts I take a look at the three modes a City can be in:

  1. City Planning and Building
  2. Expansion
  3. Consolidation (that can include urban renewal after deindustrialisation)

Part 1: The Fire and an Introduction

Bit of a fire we have there

Part 2: City Planning and City Building using a Satellite

Using a Cargo Airport to Plan and Build a Satellite City

Part 3: Expansion or Greenfield Developments

Greenfield Expansion

Part 4: Consolidation, Intensification and Transport Tinkering

Consolidation Time. Using what you have

I will swing back over to Grand Manukau/Layton Cities in the regular Monday streams to cover more City Planning/Building and Expansion.