New Zealand Population Projections 30 Years Off Course – How Did the Institutes Miss This and what have the consequences been?

New Zealand struggling with housing and infrastructure

Recently an article in the NZ Herald illustrated that our population planning projections are out by 30 years. That is New Zealand was not due to hit 5 million people by 2050, we hit that milestone next year.

The article further went on to say that our population projections being 30 years out has had serious consequences on housing, infrastructure, the environment and our well-being.

So why were the projections so badly out, were institutes warned, did they listen to the warnings and what is 2050 projected to look like now? Check out my podcast below:

Our population figures were out by 30 years. What are the consequences?

Reference: Urban Development in Southern Auckland (Paerata) Demonstration of Infrastructure Deficit Model

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Census 2018 Auckland by Local Boards. Source: Luke Christensen via Twitter