Going Back to the Beginning – Spatial Planning #visionweekNZ #bounceforward Podcasts

Stripping everything back to the foundation in the Post Covid era

Launched as an initiative by Infrastructure New Zealand Paul Blair, Vision Week New Zealand has this mission statement: COVID-19 has created the conditions for a reset – let’s treat this as our chance to address some big issues and seize opportunities. Visionweek is about creating an ambitious long-term vision for our lifestyle, including economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes.

Source: https://www.visionweek.co.nz/get-involved

​Going back to the beginning

I am a Spatial Planner and Urban Geographer by trade and qualification.

Urban Geography being: Urban geography is the sub discipline of geography that derives from a study of cities and urban processes. Urban geographers and urbanists examine various aspects of urban life and the built environment. Wikipedia

Spatial Planning being: Spatial planning systems refer to the methods and approaches used by the public and private sector to influence the distribution of people and activities in spaces of various scales. Spatial planning can be defined as the coordination of practices and policies affecting spatial organization. Wikipedia

Thus whether researching the urban life and urban form or actually using methods and approaches to influence spatial form and behaviours for Vision Week I went back to the beginning – the foundation and outlined through a series of four podcasts my vision for Vision Week New Zealand.

My #bounceforward vision

Rather than going back to the (failed) status quo of the Pre-Covid era I outlined my Bounce Forward vision for the Post-Covid era. They are:

  • The 20 minute City as the Mayor of Paris has touted
  • Elimination of the Super Commute
  • Better integration and cooperation between the Regions (particularly the Golden Triangle)
  • Re-Emergence of Industry after 40 years of Post Industrialisation
  • Walkable and Transit Orientated Environments – They Attract Jobs

The Podcasts

My four Podcasts for Vision Week. They can be consumed as individual podcasts or together as the entire four part series.

Pod Cast One:

Urban Geography The Ultimate Expression in Inter Regional Spatial Planning, Developments and Behaviours

PDF: https://voakl.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/urban-geogrphy-101.pdf

Podcast Two

Walkable and Transit Orientated Environments – They Attract Jobs – Example: Moving Manukau from a 9-5 economy to a full-time economy

PDF: https://voakl.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/urban-geography-2.0.pdf

Podcast Three

Residential Streets (and Town Centre Streets) As Extensions of Our Living Rooms – Business and People still overestimate Value of the car

PDF: https://voakl.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/urban-geography-3.0.pdf

Podcast Four

The Case for Complete LOCAL Neighbourhoods (Auckland Also Struggles at Planning for our Metropolitan Centres)Apart from work (maybe) why shouldn’t everything else be close to home

PDF: https://voakl.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/urban-geography-4.0.pdf

While these Podcasts are Auckland specific (and even Golden Triangle specific) they can be applied universally no matter where one is in the world.

If you wish to reach out to me with questions, comments or open a dialogue you can in the comments section below or at ben@colab.nz