PODCAST: Spatial Planning 101: If Active/Transit Modes = 40% More Spend ($) in Town and Metropolitan Centres by Patrons why are our Centres still being designed around the car?

What is International Best Practice?

Recently I was asked on LinkedIn about the proposed Drury Town Centre Main Street being designed around the car. If International Best Practice is demonstrating that patrons who used Active or Transit modes are likely to spend 40% more than a patron who took a car to and in a Metropolitan or Town Centre then why are our Centres still being designed around the car?

Proposed Main Street in the proposed Drury Town Centre. Source: Kiwi Property.

From Victoria, Australia:

Spatial Planning 101 podcast

In a long format podcast I dove into the 101 of Spatial Planning for a Metropolitan and Town Centre:

The Powerpoint in PDF

40% could be the difference between your Centre surviving or dying in the Post-Covid Economy!