#OurManukau Transform Work Continues. What Does Panuku have in mind for Osterley Way?

Something is brewing – and it does smell good

It is that time again where I go Auckland Council Agenda surfing reading up the various agendas from Local Boards or Committees I am interested in. The main reason (apart from having a nosy) is it gives an idea where Council policy is officially heading or what projects are officially coming up through Auckland Transport or Panuku. You can see all Agendas, Minutes and any attached presentations here.

What’s Brewing over at Osterley Way

So for those who follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn will know that I have been busy advocating for tactical urbanism projects in Manukau City Centre. The most current one is having part of Osterley Way closed to cars to allow an extension of the near by Plaza while removing rat running through the core of Manukau City Centre itself.

The area concerned:

Proposal for Bollards (yellow), new pedestrian area (blue). Osterley Way. Manukau City Centre.

The Logic:

  1. Stops rat running of cars trying to access either Ronwood Avenue or Manukau Station Road via Osterley Way – which is a high pedestrian volume area
  2. Allows for a seamless pedestrian access point between the Mall/Manukau Plaza, UoA’s satellite campus, and the transport stations on Putney Way and Davis Avenue 
  3. Extend the area of Manukau Plaza particularly in the weekend when the markets are on
  4. Reinforce the upcoming Innovative Street Pilot in the Manukau area 
Manukau City Centre. Osterley Way runs through the core as a north-south access way

Back to the Agenda

So I was reading the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Agenda for October 2020 when I came across the Panuku Report 27 Panuku Auckland Development ÅŒtara-Papatoetoe Local Board Six-Monthly Report 01 March to 31 August 2020.

In the report was a list of projects and what popped up – Osterley Way.

Panuku Work Program as of October 2020 for Our Manukau. Source: Auckland Transport

I have also highlighted the Innovative Streets program as it would tuck very nicely into the Osterley Program as well. For the full list of programs see the link above.

So I wonder what Panuku has in mind with Osterley Way? We will find out soon enough 🙂