Proud Moment: Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (Stage 1) Takes Shape! 45 minutes from Britomart to Airport

Physical works on Puhinui Road and Lambie Drive to start this week

The physical works of Airport to Botany Rapid Transit Stage 1 begin this week (explains why I saw the cones on Lambie Drive on Sunday).

From Auckland Transport:

Fast and direct transport connections to Auckland Airport take shape

A connected rapid transit network (RTN) to Auckland Airport is a step closer – with a $14 million investment to upgrade Puhinui Road and Lambie Drive for the new AirportLink bus service about to get underway.

Construction starts this week on the upgrades – which includes new bus lanes, cycling facilities and pedestrian improvements – to provide the infrastructure to deliver frequent and reliable, 10-minute bus journeys from the new Puhinui Station Interchange to Auckland Airport from May 2021.

The project is an early improvement delivered by the Airport to Botany Rapid Transit project – which is part of the wider Southwest Gateway Programme.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, “These upgrades are an important step forward in our delivery of rapid transit to the airport employment precinct, and Auckland Airport itself. They will help provide a range of travel options—including rail, bus, walking, cycling and driving—to and from the airport which ensures frequent, reliable trips for people travelling or working in the area.

“When complete, the rapid transit network to Auckland’s airport will help create the 21st Century transport system our city needs to succeed – with fast, convenient travel around the region, reduced travel times and easy transitions between road and rail services.”

Chris Darby, chair of Auckland Council’s Planning Committee, says City Centre to Auckland Airport travel is about to become a seamless rail and rapid bus trip in under an hour.

“It’s long been my preferred means of travel to and from the airport, but now it’s about to become even quicker and more dependable. Bypassing congestion and getting to the airport on time makes this bus priority route a highly attractive option for Aucklanders and visitors alike.”

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Chair Lotu Fuli also welcomes the news of the upgrades.

“It’s fantastic to see the continued progress on these connected projects. With the new bus lanes – and the frequent and quick bus services to Manukau and the airport – we’ll soon be able to connect more people to key South Auckland destinations, as well as having a stunning new interchange at Puhinui.”

The Puhinui Road and Lambie Drive Improvements project will be completed ahead of the Puhinui Station Interchange opening before mid-2021, with the new AirportLink service to run on electric buses every 10 minutes from 4:30am – 12:40am, seven days, with the new bus lanes operating from 6am – 7pm every day.

Traveling to Auckland Airport from the Puhinui Station Interchange will take only 10-12 minutes, with a 25-minute journey from Manukau to the airport, via Puhinui, and 45 minutes from Britomart.

The Southwest Gateway programme involves Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport and Auckland Airport working together to deliver transport projects that will improve access to the airport and its surrounding area to benefit workers, travellers, tourists and freight movements.

For more information, updates, and timelines on the project – please visit:

To find out more about the individual projects, please visit:

Source: Auckland Transport

Run times and Fare Prices:

A2B Stage 1, Fares, and Indicative Times

So about 30mins for me to get to the Airport from Papakura, or 45 minutes from Britomart. Manukau to the Airport becomes about 25 minutes with the bus lanes operating seven days a week from 6am until 7pm.

Fares are reflective as above in the graphic.

Source: Auckland Transport

Proud Moment

For me as an Advocate for South Auckland the last ten years to see Airport to Botany Rapid Transit Stage 1 come this far is a proud moment for me. From having the bus lane time extensions, to route selection, a grade separated cycle lane, to seeing Stage 2 about to go out for consultation watching A2B making its way through has been indeed a proud moment.

Once fully operational no more getting stuck in Airport or even Manukau traffic to and from Papakura. And no more Airport parking fees either.

Now then onto Stage 2!

2 thoughts on “Proud Moment: Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (Stage 1) Takes Shape! 45 minutes from Britomart to Airport

  1. Hi ben.
    I hope you are well. And good to hear from you.

    This is not rapid transport. 45 minutes from Britomart to the Airport will not be not rapid. 20 – 25 minutes from Sydney International Airport to the CBD is more like it. That is the figure that should be aimed at.

    Maybe the Council, AT and others should review Toronto’s experience of rapid transport from Pearson International Airport to the CBD. As well as the subsidy paid out per fare and low usage by travellers.

    1. Hello Colin
      Hope all is well
      45 minutes is not exactly rapid true, although compared to 60-90 minutes on a Friday by car that might seem rapid.
      Rapid in of itself doesnt truly come about until Stage 2 is complete sometime in the future and Auckland to Hamilton Inter City services are running. Once both of those are operating Britomart to the Airport would be 30 minutes if not less including transfer time at Puhinui.

      As for Airport to Botany Rapid Transit or A2B. Its name given to the entire project both Stages 1 and 2. The 45mins is Stage 1, it is Stage 2 we needed completed as soon as possible.

      In the meantime the Transit Oriented Development potential for A2B has not been fully realised yet.

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