Changes to Osterley Way – Manukau City Centre #ourmanukau

Innovate Street Programme Pilot – Manukau

As part of the Innovative Street Pilot – Manukau there will be changes to the layout of Osterley Way between Amersham Way and Manukau Station Road. Alternative Routes will be available via Davis Avenue and Putney Way.

Changes to Osterley Way

  • Between Manukau Station Road and Putney Way: one way bus lane into Manukau Bus Station. No Right Turn or No Left Turn from Manukau Station Road or Putney Way into Osterley Way except for buses
  • Between Putney and Amersham Way: One Way Shared Space (speed limit reduced to 10km/h) from Amersham and Putney Way. No entry into Osterley Way from Putney Way

Please use Davis Avenue to enter or exit Amersham Way or Putney Way. Davis Avenue can be access from either Manukau Station Road or Ronwood Avenue

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Changes to Osterley Way – #ourmanukau