Introducing the #ourmanukau Innovative Street Pilot – 2021

Humanising #ourmanukau

Opening preamble

Manukau – Wiri – Safe and Healthy Streets South Auckland

In Manukau and Wiri, the Innovating Streets for People proposal builds on the multi-agency collective approach developed through the Safe and Healthy Streets South Auckland programme.

Our temporary street improvements will create safer walking access into the Manukau centre by linking the Westfield shopping mall with the train station and universities. This will create connections between Wiri neighbourhoods and the Manukau town centre, as well as working with Healthy Families South Auckland and Auckland Transport to create safer school streets, so that more people feel safe and comfortable using this part of town.

The Manukau Innovative Street Pilot is led by Panuku Development Auckland, funded by NZTA (90%), and is partnering with organisations and individuals including community stewards and leaders, and Auckland Transport. Through the Pilot feedback will be asked for to help refine the schemes in hope of it going permanent long term.

What is happening – summary:

The Manukau Innovative Street Pilot can be categorised as three distinct projects all coming together to influence a new norm of behaviours, spatial forms, and cultural immersion that would represent not only Manukau but wider Southern Auckland.

These projects are:

  • Culture: this will be led by South Auckland community organisations in showcasing indigenous-led stories and events
  • Physical: the Manukau Innovative Street Pilot will include physical trials of things like separated cycle lanes, shared spaces, improved wayfinding, and event spaces
  • Transport: as well as new separated cycle lanes and shared spaces part of Osterley Way (between Manukau Station Road and Putney Way) will be converted into a Busway. The purpose of the busway is to allow buses ease of access to the bus station, allow accommodation of the cycle way connecting Barrowcliffe Place and Manukau City Centre, and reduce bus lane infractions on Manukau Station Road through a more continuous bus lane.


Late May until 30 June 2021 (or beyond) as a trial with the hope it will become permanent afterwards.

Transport – Changes to Osterley Way

One of the Innovative Street Pilot trials will be the conversion of Osterley Way from its current two-way general format to either a one-way shared space, or a one-way bus way to Manukau Station. The changes on Osterley Way:

  • Between Manukau Station Road and Putney Way: one way bus lane into Manukau Bus Station, separated cycle lane connecting Barrowcliffe Place, and the Osterley Way Shared Space, No Right Turn or No Left Turn from Manukau Station Road into Osterley Way except for buses
  • Between Putney and Amersham Way: One Way Shared Space (speed limit reduced to 10km/h) from Amersham and Putney Way. Separated Cycle Lane will be in place in part of this section of Osterley Way and Amersham Way

Alternative Routes

If you use Osterley Way currently to access Amersham Way, Putney Way or Manukau Station Road you will need to use Davis Avenue (in between Manukau Rail and Bus Stations) or the Putney Way entrance to Westfield Mall.

History of Osterley Way

Prior to 2005 Osterley Way was in fact in two parts with Manukau Plaza dividing the road. In 2005 the former Manukau City Council opened Osterley Way to allow access to the former Council car park that has been replaced by the Bus Station. With this and Osterley Way being a rat run for cars accessing Putney and Amersham Ways it was decided to trial a bus way, and shared space to see if Osterley Way could become Manukau City Centre’s first “Main Street.”

Manukau Plaza 1980 and 1990 Source: Auckland Council – Manukau Research Centre

Manukau Plaza 2015

Later, in the year the Barrowcliffe Place bridge and cycleway will open forming a direct connection between Manukau City Centre, and the housing at Kotuitui. Changing Osterley Way to a bus way and shared space allows those connections to be extended further north creating an Active Mode North-South Spine.

Finally creating a busway between Manukau Station Road, and Putney Way gives the buses which use the bus station easier access while Manukau Station Road east-bound bus lane becomes more continuous meaning cars less likely to be unwittingly caught in the bus lane (access will be either Davis Avenue or Putney Way).

It is hoped after the trial that these changes will be permanent in the long-term allowing another piece of the Transform Manukau urban regeneration to take effect for generations to come.

As always through this Pilot your feedback is welcome to help us refine the trial.

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Key moves with the Manukau Innovative Street Pilot

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Have Your Say on the Manukau Innovative Street Pilot HERE

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