#ourmanukau Osterley Way Urban Trials (Stage 1) underway. Feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive. Now to Stage 2

Knock on effects already felt from the Osterley Way street trials as part of the Innovative Streets Pilot

The physical works for the Manukau Innovative Street Pilot – Stage 1 are underway with the traffic/street changes to Osterley Way (between Amersham and Putney Ways) complete.

I went out and did a field visit on Tuesday to see the progress:

Google Maps and Apple Maps are updated reflecting the changes to part of Osterley Way becoming one way, so neither should be directing you the wrong direction there.

The feedback coming in from walkers and even drivers is overwhelmingly positive in support of the street interventions with any further feedback on how suggestions to make a good idea great! More work as part of Stage 1 is still being done so what you see on the photos is incomplete as of this blog post.

One trend noticed straight away is with the removal of the northbound rat running on Osterley Way traffic flow was much more smooth at the Amersham Way and Ronwood intersections benefiting those users (car and pedestrian) there. However, until the bus mall is in place the part of Osterley Way still open to northbound rat running (between Manukau Station Road and Putney Way) is dumping cars into Putney Way causing congestion. Efforts are underway to get the bus mall in place ASAP thus removing the entire northbound rat running scenario from Osterley and removing localised congestion in the area.

Overall the project is being received well as Stage 1 works continue and preparation for Stage 2 get underway. For more information and having you say see HERE.

Alternative Routes with Stage 1 – Osterley Way