Initial Feedback to #OurManukau Innovative Streets Pilot Positive, Further Updates on the Trial and Rollouts

Have your say, what is happening, and Detour Maps for when Street Changes occur from late June

The Panuku co-led #ourmanukau Innovative Street Pilot continues its roll out with initial responses being positive. Of the positive and neutral feedback coming back, most are offering lots of suggestions on how to go that one step further to make good, perfect.

While most of those suggestion would fall outside of the remit for the Trial no doubt they would inform Panuku and Auckland Transport as the Manukau Spatial Framework is currently undergoing a refresh given the first version was written in 2015. So don’t worry they hear your and the ideas will be put into the mix going forward!

Changes = Alternative Routes

As part of the trial there will be two distinct changes made to Osterley Way.

From Panuku:

Temporary road layout changes

Stage 1: Temporary changes to Osterley Way / Manukau Square

The section of the Osterley Way will be converted to a shared space, allowing for one-way southbound (towards Putney Way) vehicles.

This will allow more space for people and events. This shared space will also include street art designed by a mana whenua artist, street furniture and sculptures which celebrate maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar.

Stage 2 Osterley Way – Manukau Station Road to Putney Way – bus only

This section of Osterley Way is restricted to bus only. Buses will be allowed one-way from Putney Way to the bus interchange entrance. Buses can also travel one-way from Manukau Station Road to the bus interchange entrance. Osterley Way will be two-way between Putney Way and the Civic Building entrance to allow service vehicles to reach the Civic Building.

The one-way section of street will allow a wider and safer space for people. This stage is due to be installed in July 2021.

When Stage 1 happens late June these are your suggested alternative routes:

Stage 2: The Osterley Way Bus Mall and alternatives routes

The Bus Mall is due to be rolled out in July. This will have an initial impact on traffic wishing to exit or enter Manukau Station Road to/from the core of Manukau City Centre. Davis Avenue and Ronwood Avenue will continue to be available for those wanting to access Amersham Way or Manukau Station Road. The maps below outline the alternative routes:

Please note these changes and do not forget to have your say HERE.