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4,260 Submissions and Counting

Meanwhile there were only 1,947 Annual Plan Submissions


The numbers are rather telling with a bit of an imbalance with the two different submissions.

From Shape Auckland on the Unitary Plan


More than 4,260 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan have now been registered, with many more to come. As expected, the majority of submissions came in on the last week of the five-month submission period: through the online form, by email, by post or through libraries and council service centres. The closing date was 5pm on Friday 28 February.

Given the statutory process of individually registering each one, and assessing for duplicates or additions to original submissions, the tally won’t be known until closer to the end of the month.

Once registered, Auckland Council staff will go through each submission to summarise what decisions are being asked for. This is an extensive process, but we are aiming to be able to publish the summary, along with a full, searchable set of the submissions, online by the end of May. This will then start the process of further submissions.

As for further submissions

Further submissions

The five-month submission period for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan ended at 5pm on 28 February 2014. The council will publish all submissions online by the end of May, along with a summary report of the decisions requested in them. The submissions will be indexed and searchable by submission number, name, local board, and theme. The summary report will be publicly notified, marking the start of the further submissions period. During this period, people will be able to respond to the decisions requested by submitters, by stating either their support or opposition to particular points raised.

We will publish further details about this process closer to the time.



Meanwhile with the Annual Plan (annual budget):

Source: Mark Thomas of Orakei Local Board

Over consulted again or bad timing having two submission periods together with Area Plan submissions to start soon as well…


Annual Plan Submissions Now Called For

Have your say on council’s draft Annual Plan


From Auckland Council on the up coming Annual Plan (a Council budget document) submission process:

Have your say on council’s draft Annual Plan


How Auckland Council plans to invest in projects and programmes to meet the growing needs of the region are outlined in the draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 which opens for public consultation this week.

The plan details the organisation’s proposed budget, activities and investment programme for next financial year. It also includes draft local board agreements that highlight each of the board’s local priorities, projects and advocacy issues

Auckland’s continuing population growth, a public desire for higher quality infrastructure and maintenance of existing assets is driving council’s significant investment programme.

$1.8 billion of capital expenditure is planned in the next financial year, with $1.25 billion of new assets to be bought or built, including:

  • $146m to continue purchasing electric trains and $193m for the next stage of the City Rail Link
  • $85m for local and sports parks
  • $25m to continue development of new libraries in Massey North, Te Atatu Peninsula, Devonport, Flat Bush, Takanini and Ōtāhuhu
  • $19m to upgrade town centres, including New Lynn, Westgate, Devonport, Mt Albert and Pukekohe


“It is important that we continue to invest in the future, in major region-wide infrastructure, and in local communities through projects such as new libraries, town centres, parks and sports ground upgrades,” says the Mayor.

“Aucklanders want financial prudence, which is the why the draft annual plan is based on ongoing savings, a low average rate increase and judicious investment.”

The average rates increase for the 2014/2015 financial year has reduced from an average of 4.9 per cent (as projected in our 10-year long-term plan) to an average of 2.4 per cent.

The council is seeking feedback on the proposed draft Annual Plan, including the local projects and proposed budget changes raised by each local board.  Through the draft annual plan the council is also consulting on:

  • implementing a strategy for Eden Park, Mount Smart, Western Springs and North Harbour stadiums that involves developing new facilities, shifting some sporting codes and streamlining operations at each venue to more efficiently accommodate major events and ensure the venues’ long-term success
  • delivering a wider range of benefits to Aucklanders and the creative sector by providing increased funding to the Auckland Arts Festival Trust to allow the festival become an annual event rather than every two years


Submissions on Auckland Council’s draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 open 23 January and close Monday, 24 February 2014.


More information on the draft annual plan and how to make a submission will be available online at www.annualplan.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz  from 23 January.



Annual Plan and Unitary Plan Submissions at the same time, enough to keep you bogged down for the next four weeks. None-the-less if you can do submit on the Council budget document for the 2014/2015 year.


Submission to Annual Plan

Submission Sent for 2013/2014 Annual Plan


I have just sent my submission through the online portal to Auckland Council for the 2013/2014 Annual Plan. I used the online portal for such submissions as an “express mode” of sending the basics of my idea through to the Councillors and bureaucrats with the main thrust of my arguments subsequently made at a hearing where I can talk to Councillors and bureaucrats (with more success) face to face.

In saying that there are times with submissions where I will go “knit a flag” and do the 55 page spiel where I think the topic is critical. This was both The Auckland Plan and Long Term Plan submissions I did as well a 25 page spiel for the Auckland Transport Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP). In all three cases I fronted up to hearings or forum panels to make my points emphasised to the councillors and bureaucrats.


As this is an open democracy (and where I expect people to disagree as well) – and the fact my submission is public anyhow, I am going to paste my express online submission here below before going to work in the Hearings presentation:

Express Online Submission to 2013/2014 Annual Plan


The Supporting Documents can be found by clicking the links below

Extract From BR on AP in Regards to Stations PDF Mode  (THE RAIL EFFICIENCY PROGRAM #5A)

Extract From BR for AP Submission PDF Mode  (BACK FROM HEARING PANEL)


As I said above I will front the Annual Plan Hearings to emphasis the points made in the online submission when the time comes up to do so.


But the basic principle of Council Living Within Its Means and Open Governance apply and again will be emphasised in the hearings and beyond.


Now I await for the phone call to make the time slot for the hearing which should be… nuts I might be in Australia when this occurs <_<  – will have to wait and see then.


In the mean time you have until February to make your Annual Plan Submission. You can find the Annual Plan homepage here: Draft annual plan 2013/2014, which also includes the link to the Online submission portal.


Annual Plan Submissions Due

Have Your Say on the Auckland Council Draft 2013/2014 Annual Plan


Auckland Council have called for submissions to the Draft 2013/2014 Annual Plan – the main budgetary document for Auckland Council for the next 12 months. All revenue and expected expenses (including capital outlay for proposed capital projects) over this twelve month period are laid out in the Annual Plan documents which I shall link and embed below.


I am still working through the Draft Annual Plan at the moment before compiling a submission (submissions close 4pm – 25 February 2013) but will upload my submission to BR:AKL as soon as it is done.


Amendment to the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan

It is of note that Council has asked for our feedback via the submissions on the “Regional Facilities Auckland grant towards development of the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre” – which is building this White Water Rafting Facility at a cost to the ratepayer of $32m as well as taking on some financial risk if the project fails. In order for this development to happen (and as stated in the Draft Annual Plan) there will have to be an amendment to the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan which is already in operation. This would be because this particular development is calling on for extra funds made outside what has been allocated already in the existing and current Long Term Plan.

As a result I will be submitting in strong opposition to this as it creates precedent for every other Tom, Dick and Harry project with dubious actual economic merit to come before Council and thus allowing an existing LTP to be butchered to cater for it – when if needed, it should be kicked over to the next Long Term Plan which is the 2015-2025 LTP.

This is not how we budget for things anywhere – and I expect Council to follow the same standard. Besides I can think of better used to go and sink $32m such as cleaning up Otara Creek which is a toxic site or to our struggling Local Boards to fund local community facilities or events.


However I will run further commentary on this as I draw up my submission


In the mean time some links and documents


Web Links to Council Annual Plan

Draft annual plan 2013/2014 – Home Page

Draft annual plan 2013/2014 – Documents

Draft annual plan 2013/2014 – Key topics and events

Draft annual plan 2013/2014 – Draft Annual Plan 2013/2014: Have your say


The Annual Plan Documents

VolumeOne of the Draft Annual Plan

Volume Two of the Draft Annual Plan

Volume Three of the Draft Annual Plan


And the movements in Rates per Local Board Areas:

(Yep another rates decrease coming my way)