Do Not Forget Your Unitary Plan Submission

Due February 28th


While most of us seem to be still on Summer Holiday mode I remind the people of Auckland that the Unitary Plan is still under Formal Notification until the end of February – THIS YEAR. Meaning you have until the 28th of February to get your formal submission to Council on how you would like to see the final version of the Unitary Plan when it becomes operative in 2016 (after the hearings with the Commissioners first).

The Shape Auckland website put together this mini blog post on the upcoming year:


Happy New Year, Auckland!

Over the coming months, Aucklanders will be able to have their say on some of the key plans and documents that will shape the way Auckland grows and help it continue to develop into the world’s most liveable city. This includes the drafts of the Local Board Plans (your opportunity to influence what happens in your community), the Annual Plan (which sets out the spending priorities for next financial year), and the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (which sets out the rules for what people can do with their land).

Public consultation on the draft Annual Plan will start later this month, and will include proposals for further investment in electric trains and funding to help prepare for the City Rail Link, as well as investment in parks, libraries and town centre upgrades. Further details will be released next week.

The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is open for formal submissions until the end of February. To find out more about the plan, please read this overview – or the paper on how the plan can help to create a more business-friendly city. You can also look through the local area factsheets for details on what the plan means for local areas, as well as this page outlining which rules already apply and a range of factsheets detailing what the plan means for some of the key issues of interest.

For help on filling out a submission form for the proposed plan – including details of how to access the submitter support service – click here.

Keep posted for further details on how to have your say on the draft local board plans.

The Shape Auckland blog post I have put above includes all the necessary links for you (thus saving me time in doing it 😛 ) . However, what Shape Auckland forgot was also the fact that Area Plans and the Integrated Transport Program also come out for our submissions this year as well. It is going to be another busy year with all these plans – and we still have the physical city building phase to get under way.


Full commentary resumes next week.