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All Things (Auckland) Transport

The Numbers


Friday the Auckland Transport Board will conduct its monthly meeting for all things Auckland transport in March. Today the powerful Council Accountability and Performance Committee is meeting (as of now as I am watching the feed live) in which AT will be grilled on the $60 billion Integrated Transport Program and maybe with luck AT-HOP.


However I am focusing the March public transport patronage statistics as seen in the embed below:


Of note:

  • Rail patronage over the rolling 12 months has slipped further by 4.2% to 9,951,686 
  • Weekday services up 4.5%
  • Western Line patronage up 0.5%
  • Southern, Eastern, Manukau and Onehunga Lines down 6.9%
  • March Madness was prevalent which does cause a surge as tertiary institutions come back ons-stream. April and May often will level out once that surge is reabsorbed back into the systems


While there is some good news with the Western Line and Weekday services (although March Madness might of caused the yearly surge blip as it does) the point being that total patronage is still backsliding DOWN.


It is the total patronage over the 12 rolling months we usually look and what NZTA can look to for determining subsidies and further such capital investment such as for example the City Rail Link. So we are still seeing slippage and AT is now for sure not going to meet its Statement of Intent for patronage forecast and revenue.


Catch is what is Auckland Transport going to do about it…



Patronage Below Forecast

Rail Patronage Some Millions Below Forecast


No wonder why I was asked for the Auckland public transport patronage statistics in the weekend, an article has popped up on Radio New Zealand talking explicitly about how total public transport patronage (so across all modes) is going to be something like 3.6 million under forecast for the Financial Cycle with rail making up two million of that shortfall as of current. And no I was not talking to Radio NZ, someone else had asked.

You can listen to the article here from Radio NZ


I could go into a whole spiel from what was said in the article but that is wasting pixels while I am busy with a project at the moment regarding P/T.

However if one wants a quick recap on some grumbles that cause patronage to fall out through the floor then check these two recent articles from the blog:


One last thing when listening to the radio article, see if you can pick up on why the Fare Review I mentioned in my ‘Fare Rise on Auckland Rail’ post did not become public when it was meant to. Case of oops applies in that case 😉

LGOIMA Request Approved

Request into Rail Punctuality Etc  has been Approved



Good news folks. I had filed a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request to Auckland Transport on rail: punctuality, reliability, extensive patronage breakdown for the December-January period. This LGOIMA request was filed as the recent AT Statistics papers for the December 2012 – January 2013 were missing those particular figures that have been in previous statistics reports.


And go figure, guess what just got pointed to me by Auckland Transport Blog: those figures I asked for – stuck up on the AT website apparently yesterday after the meeting when not many of us would have being paying attention (The Board meeting was on Monday, today is Thursday).


Well thanks to pdfs and Scribd, here are those real figures for your inspection:

December 2012 – January 2013 Public Transport Figures – including: punctuality, reliability, and patronage by Line



Got no idea what AT are trying to hide as while punctuality still sucks, it is actually improving slowly but surely. Only problem is those rail patronage figures are still of major cause to be of concern.

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