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Housing Simulator Feedback

What Was Said


Council has released a summary on the Unitary Plan Housing Simulator into the Shape Auckland website this afternoon.

Looking at both the Shape Auckland blog post ans subsequent 20-page PDF file the range of simulator “outputs” and comments were as diverse as those who live in Auckland. This is a good thing because it means we are getting 632 individualised attempts and pieces of feedback out of the simulator from across the spectrum.

Yours truly was one of the first to have an attempt on the simulator, you can find what I went with and my commentary in my “My Housing Mix in Auckland” post.

As for the summary of the Housing Simulator results, check out the “Unitary Plan Housing Simulator: Key themes and results” in the embed below:

This feedback from the simulator will go to the Auckland Plan Committee workshops for consideration and deliberations. We will know the outcome from this soon enough.


I also notice Council has just posted up a table of all the Unitary Plan workshops after Councillor Wood went for an apparent leak with it yesterday (and subsequently got posted into the blog). Not sure if Council was intending to release this because of George “leaking” but it is up and will be covered in the next post.

Your thoughts on the Housing Simulator and what came out with it? Leave a comment below.