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Unacceptable By All Grounds – Open Full Public Inquiry Needed

This story should not be occurring if Auckland Transport and Transdev Got Their Acts Together

I was shown this earlier today:

Train services leave Pukekohe commuter in tears

Posted On 10 Apr 2015 By :

A Pukekohe commuter has been left alone at night and in tears over delays involving Auckland Transport.

Kristie Weeks travels the Southern Line from Pukekohe to Britomart fives days a week. On Friday March 13th, Kristie caught her usual 5.18pm service home to Pukekohe.

After further delays the train reached Takanini and passengers were told the train would be terminating at Papakura and taxi vans would be arranged to take them rest of the way to Pukekohe.

Only two taxi vans had been arranged and Kristie was left in tears, alone in an unfamiliar place at night. With no seats left she was told she would need to make her own way home.


The same incident happened the following Monday, fortunately, Kristie was able to get a seat on the taxi van that night.  More train delays and terminations continued throughout the week, leaving Kristie and other passengers sitting at a standstill for more than two hours due to broken trains ahead.


Media Relations Manager for Auckland Transport, Mark Hannan, told We Love Pukekohe that this is unacceptable.

“There should have been replacement transport available for all passengers, and we apologise if this wasn’t the case. Transdev (Auckland) is investigating and are now contacting staff who worked those shifts.”

There has been no response since from Transdev to We Love Pukekohe’s request for comment.


Source and full post: http://welovepukekohe.com/pukekohe-tears-fro-train-commuter/

That just strengthens my call for Auckland Council to conduct a full and open public inquiry into our metro rail network. Do the inquiry of confidence and faith grounds especially as patronage grows but that growth is at risk from confidence issues.

The last four weeks with rail failures are unacceptable and both Transdev insofar as their management and control room, and Auckland Transport need to lift their game. We do not need “accidents” owing to their respective failures like Pukekohe.

Retraction and Apologies

When Wrong – One Apologies Promptly


I caught the update to the train incident that was reported in the NZ Herald on Monday and subsequent reaction in Talking Auckland soon afterwards.

This is the update from Stuff:

Rail operator backtracks for mum


After Transdev and Auckland Transport viewed Colour CCTV footage there was more to the saga than meets the eye originally when reported from the black and white CCTV footage at Takanini Station.

As a result of this update and the respective Talking Auckland Post on Monday (now fully retracted) I do offer a full and utter apology to Ms Johnson and her children.

In light of the issue, further measures will be put into place to make sure this kind of incident does not occur again at Talking Auckland. In saying that there is always a risk when doing “second-hand” reporting from a Main Stream Media source into a blog post. However, utmost professionalism will occur when running commentary on such emotive issues.


In saying this I need not remind Auckland that the rail network is a very dangerous place and can kill. The case of the dad running to the train as it was departing from Ranui Station last year resulting in the accident and eventual death as he slipped from the platform, underneath the train and was effectively run over in front of his family and other passengers is that STARK reminder of what happens when something can go so utterly wrong.

So please in light of all of this: Please be at the platform 5 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train with your ticket ready or AT-HOP card tagged on.


As for Te Mahia Station – lobbying continues for it to be fully closed!