City Building – A Conference on City Building

Building a 21st Century City – For All of Auckland


Tomorrow I will be with like-minded individuals representing pretty much most aspects progressive Auckland. The “micro-conference” is being organised by the Generation Team that spearheaded the election campaign and score-cards on where candidates stand on a “progressive” Auckland. Generation Zero (along with Transport Blog) are also the ones spearheading the Congestion Free Network campaign currently.



Below is the program for tomorrow’s future conference. Oh if you still want to attend (if there are any tickets left contact Generation Zero)



As you see some very good speakers and some meaty subjects to discuss over the course of the day. I might also be able to pass on some good news tomorrow after some good news yesterday noted in my Latest Transport Updates. The particular pieces being the final stretch for completion of the electrification of the rail network and the comments on the Manukau South Rail Link:

Auckland Transport will be in a position to answer the Manukau South link in March. The rail strategy will be testing the Manukau South Rail Link along with full development of the network from an operational as well as patronage point of view.

Meaning we might able to draw a red line on that CFN chart from Homai to Manukau.


Monday I will write-up a full report on the conference and what came out it.



Yesterday’s Rail Meltdown


Yesterday train services were suspended then suffered major delays after a mass signal failure or rather Train Control failure yesterday. Apparently both primary and secondary train control systems failed causing the all stop.

This is becoming too common and needs a hard investigation on it. More emails will be sent to Kiwi Rail specifically on this matter.

I give credit to Auckland Transport and Transdev however, for very fast reactions and activating back up contingencies. Yes getting home would have been hell but AT and Transdev gave all they have and things were working through – though slowly. Well done AT and Transdev – and the bus companies for stepping up.