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A Look at the new EMU’s

The Middle Carriage


For those who do not have Twitter this is what the middle carriage looks like when boarding from a typical station platform

Auckland Transport ‏@AklTransport 11m
New electric trains aren’t far away! The middle carriage has platform-level boarding for wheelchairs, prams & bikes. pic.twitter.com/kG6HHdyjz6

Source: Auckland Transport ‏@AklTransport  11m

New electric trains aren’t far away! The middle carriage has platform-level boarding for wheelchairs, prams & bikes. pic.twitter.com/kG6HHdyjz6

No doubt AT will have more pictures coming soon


The First EMU Arrived

Auckland’s First Electric Train has Arrived


I caught this on Twitter last night while at the launch of (Deputy Mayor) Penny’s Hulse’s campaign launch in Henderson last night

Photo Credit: Port of Auckland

41Ports of Auckland ‏@AucklandsPort16h

Hi @mayorlenbrown, your new train set has arrived at your port 😉 @AklTransport pic.twitter.com/cEjV9J5JpV

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That is the two motor units and the middle “trailer” unit that will make up our first EMU commuter/metro train.

The consist will head down to the new Wiri Depot for extensive testing before it will come into service next year. Exciting times ahead.

Mayor Len Brown was also at Penny Hulse‘s campaign launch last night and I was able to deliver him the good news of the EMU arrival after seeming it on Twitter (thank you POAL for the Tweet and photo).

I can safely say there was excitement all round after the announcement.

Talking Auckland will be looking back at the journey of electrification and will produce a series of it very soon.


But for now Auckland takes one step closer towards the 21st Century with its transport system



Auckland Conversations – Urban Economics

Good news

After the first 15 minutes and enough Twitter Spam to start a #trend we got into the nuts and bolts on the Urban Economics presentation by Harvard Professor Edward Glaeser.

Once his presentation is up I will retrieve it and link it back here. Needless to say it was a thought-provoking session although again the questions were patsy.

And tomorrow it is off to the Auckland Plan Committee to observe what will be a full day of Unitary Plan deliberations. I will be running the commentary live via the blog and Twitter on the proceedings as they happen. So stay tuned.


Unitary Plan and that Twitter Spam

Not bad for an individual

And for Auckland – Our Auckland


While my main internet is down and I have let rip back to Telecom for taking 6 days to restore my internet (even though it is Chorus which probably deserves something placed under their backside) I have hooked up my 2-Degree Mobile to the main PC. Okay the connection is slow but it is working (and thanks to 2-Degrees for carry-over data. All that spare data will be going to use) 😀


This major pain for me in not having my main internet does show the reliance on the Digital Age. But what the Digital Age does show is that some of us will use it to its full and utter potential.

This morning I got mentioned in the Council/Local Body Chairs’ workshop on the Feedback for the Unitary Plan (that closed May 31) that I was the top Tweeter on the #shapeauckland (shapeauckland.co.nz) feed amongst other things. Apparently I dropped 250+ Tweets over the 11-week feedback period. 

So what was the numbers of that feedback for the UP:

  • 22,700 pieces of feedback (both individual and Pro-Forma)
  • 2,000 News items (1,150 on the internet)
  • 6,500 Social Media pieces from Facebook, Twitter and blogs to which I provided the following:
    • 250+ Tweets
    • 104 blog posts
    • 208 combined Facebook posts via the Blog
    • 100 individual stand along Facebook posts not connected to the blog
    • 10% of all Social Media “feeds” and “posts

Not particularly bad for me running this all on my own from Talking Auckland.

While things have calmed down for now with Unitary Plan posts, it will ramp up again most likely when the UP goes for formal notification. And that notification is a three-year period :O

But hey, Civic and Professional Duty here in traversing both sides of the spectrum and being your Number One leading and independent Unitary Plan commentator 😀

Job well done (okay patting myself on the back here)



Talking Auckland: Blog of TotaRim Consultancy Limited

TotaRim Consultancy
Bringing Well Managed Progress to Auckland and The Unitary Plan

Auckland: 2013 – YOUR CITY, YOUR CALL


Lesson From Melbourne

Auckland Transport: Take Note


Saw this via my Twitter feed a few moments ago:

Fare evaders allowed to do a runner

Michelle Griffin


Yarra Trams has ordered its inspectors not to pursue fleeing or aggressive fare evaders after a spate of attacks.

In an internal Yarra Trams memo obtained by 3AW, dated March 2013, ticket inspectors are told they:

  • Must not block the path of, or attempt to physically detain a person who attempts to walk/run away.
  • Must always maintain a safe distance between themselves and a person being spoken to – if possible.
  • Must not surround or corner any person being spoken to regarding an offence under the Act.

The edict was issued after 10 assaults on ticket inspectors on trams between January and March this year. According to a Yarra Trams spokesman, this is “slightly higher” than the number of assaults at the same time last year, and resulted in 15 minor injuries, such as sprains and bruises.

The edict effectively ensures that those who refuse to give their name and address and instead flee cannot be detained or fined.

This comes just as Public Transport Victoria orders an increase in tram patrols by inspectors, in an attempt to cut fare evasion to 7 per cent across the public transport network.

There have been several aggressive confrontations between inspectors and passengers reported in recent years.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/fare-evaders-allowed-to-do-a-runner-20130426-2iid2.html#ixzz2RWdwDPO7


This is happening in Melbourne while we have this per Campbell Live: “SERIOUSLY AUCKLAND TRANSPORT?” that I covered recently. No wonder why Councillor Mike Lee is jumping up and down red and blue in the face. But in acknowledgement and balance: Dr Lester Levy of Auckland Transport is actively working on this situation – a man I can trust as a ratepayer to sort what is best for both AT/Rail and the city (AUCKLAND TRANSPORT TO RE-THINK STRATEGY).


But Auckland Transport – take note of Melbourne please SO WE CAN AVOID Melbourne’s situation…