CRL Confirmed – Start Date: 2020

Big Gerry Due to Make Announcement


[Note from Admin: Edited to reflect most current situation with the City Rail Link]

The latest of 1400 hours (so not including Question Time in Parliament which is occurring at this point in time

Auckland rail link gains Govt support


The Prime Minister has confirmed the Government will support the Auckland rail loop.

John Key’s confirmation follows hints from Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee earlier today.

The project won’t start until 2020 and the Government isn’t ruling out funding coming from the future investment fund, which uses the proceeds from the partial sale of state-owned assets.

ONE News deputy political editor Jessica Mutch said earlier the Government is “signalling that they will back a rail loop for Auckland central city”.

Mutch said it was a change in position for the Government, but ONE News understands that Auckland Council will not be getting exactly what it wants out of the deal.

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The proposed Auckland City Rail Link, which is estimated to cost $2.86 billion, would extend the existing rail line underground through Britomart, under Albert, Vincent and Pitt streets, then beneath Karangahape Road and the Central Motorway Junction to Symonds Street before rising to join the western line near Eden Terrace.

So construction date is due to start 2020 and Government will stump up 50% of the total project costs for the CRL.

Somewhat expected from this Government given the fact I have always believed that the CRL should start construction in 2017 with completion some 7 years later per the Rail Fallacy rules. I shall go back over my Rail Fallacy posts and check previous statements made here in this blog.



As of now via Twitter we are waiting for TV3’s Patrick Gower to stop Twitter Bombing and just spill what the heck he knows but in the mean time this:

Govt to fund Auckland rail link

By Patrick Gower and Kim Choe

3 News has learned the Government has decided to put taxpayer funding towards an underground rail tunnel linking Britomart and the central suburbs.

Prime Minister John Key is set to make the announcement on Friday, but multiple sources – including a very senior source in the Beehive – have confirmed the Government’s support.

The $2.86 billion project will be the most expensive transport project in New Zealand. Auckland ratepayers will pay some and the Government will now put in a huge chunk.

It is understood Mr Key will make the announcement at a speech to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, which is a supporter of the rail link. Today Mr Key’s office would only confirm the speech will be on “Auckland issues”.

Sources say the “billions of dollars” in Government investment will not only be for the rail link, but for a transport plan billed as a “massive” step-change for the city’s transport.

It is an about-face for the Government, which has never outright refused to support the project but has been lukewarm about it until now.

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I have some cynicism here but, am waiting and seeing…


Twitter has lit up like a Christmas Tree on steroids after musings coming out from Minister of Transport – Gerry Brownlee due to give an announcement on the Auckland City Rail Link mega project.

We do not know when the announcement will be exactly and whether the Government will support the mega project in Auckland.

But from snippets that are being seen in Twitter there might be just the chance Big Gerry will support the project, although to what timetable we simply do not know.

All eyes will be watching and awaiting the announcement when it happens (apparently Friday of all days).

Commentary will run as the story breaks

One thought on “CRL Confirmed – Start Date: 2020

  1. Central Govt has already advised Auckland council their intentions not to support this Len Browns Fantasy at this stage as there are other priorities for the Govt to look at including the Eastern Corridor running from Tamaki Drive through Pakuranga, Howick, Botany to Manukau or a High speed dual Rail link and that the CRL which is required for Auckland could be done in the next thirty to fifty years once other more important roading or rail networks are completed in Auckland and New Zealand. If Hon. GB is supposed to make an announcement by this Friday it would be to drop a bomb on Mayor Len Broan and Deputy Penny Hulse as a downer for their election campaign launch! and in the interest of the people of Auckland who are crying out to CG on the so much of waste of these two and their CL regime in Auckland.

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