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Auckland Transport’s Continued Failure

Stronger Action Needed – NOW


Credit is due where credit is due as I always say. NZTA’s Auckland Division is pretty good with the Tweets on happenings around the State Highway Network, major incidents on our arterial roads, events, and from time to time even public transport even though NZTA’s main jurisdiction is the State Highways with Auckland Transport supposedly meant to be picking up the rest.

Well Auckland Transport seems to be absolutely tone-deaf to happenings around its own network including the trains while NZTA seem to be slowly filling the gap as resource and skill allows.


This morning something went wrong on the Western Line (update: Breakdown) causing delays, cancellations, and over crowded trains having to skip stations in their trip to Newmarket and Britomart thus leaving passengers behind. Now if that was not causing enough angry Tweets from commuters then this next bit would.

Reports came in pretty fast that due to an over crowded train on the Western Line, a poor passenger had collapsed and required medical treatment at Baldwin Avenue Station. Of course this is going to cause further delays but having a passenger collapse due to over crowding trains is not on by any stretch.

Now when you have disruptions on a public transport network you expect Tweets, Facebook Messages, and even phone texts to go out just like Civil Defence did in the blackouts earlier this week. This way people are alerted and can make decisions rather than standing at a station wondering when their next train would come. Social media these days allows rapid and near instant communication to the world of such situations. Of course Auckland Transport could have diverted Southern Line trains to go do some shuttling between New Lynn and Newmarket to assist and rail buses (or just alerting people to go use the bus with AT-HOP universal across the system) being dispatched would have further assisted the Western Line.

But what did we get? Until about two paragraphs ago in writing this post we got absolutely nothing from Auckland Transport across the media spectrum AT ALL. Result? The Baldwin Avenue incident which is very easily avoided.


So while this incident occurs the Auckland Transport CEO gets a pay rise, and the head of Comm’s as well as the Chief Operation Officer twiddle their thumbs.

Bit unacceptable while Auckland Transport has failed to deliver most of its targets?

Call me a bit of an old fashion person but I thought when a leader failed to deliver their targets set out it was instant dismissal. How times have changed.


And as I finish this up I just saw this:


Horse long bolted