Southern Line EMU Roll Out is March 2015

While Annoyed – Not Too Particularly Fussed


Hmm I saw this on the AT site yesterday while checking the Electric Train roll out timetable (and the new ads as well):

EMU delay


The Southern Line due date for the EMU’s is now March 2015 (the Western Line comes in soon after) after I’ve said for a while now it was meant to be end of this year. I went trawling back through my blog posts over the last 12-months over the EMU roll out and have been consistent with the end-of-year time stamp for the Southern Line. I also believe the Manukau Line got pushed back one month as well with the EMU roll out.

So either I have made an error for the last 6-12-months (and no one pointed it out) or AT have quietly pushed back the Southern Line roll out date. Either way the roll out date is now set for March 2015 – in time for March Madness when schools, businesses and the universities are all back and the Southern Line is not a very pleasant experience.


Also the March roll out date presents a nice opportunity for the upcoming Summer period for both Wiri Junction and between Papakura and Pukekohe (both sit on the Southern Line) in getting some upgrades started. Funding and political will committed; we can both get the Manukau Rail South Link built AND start the electrification starting from Papakura with it finishing finally in Pukekohe so they (Pukekohe) can enjoy the EMU’s as well. Of course to get both projects under way this summer could require a block of lines south of Otahuhu for a couple of weeks. Once the EMU’s start working the Southern Line in March the new South Link would be open to allow Pukekohe to Manukau direct services, and the wires should have progressed to just outside Drury as they continue their march towards Pukekohe (if funding and political will allowed these two projects to get going).


Ah well March it is then before we see a nice shiny new EMU at Papakura Station. 🙂


Oh and to Auckland Transport: very nice and slick-looking new website there. A marked improvement from the old one with the new site easy to use. Although why my AT Hop balance say $0 when I know I’ve credit on it (card is registered) is a bit err “worrying.” 😉